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Neanderthals Could Make Fire But Didn’t Kill The Gibbon

Is this really news? I had thought it was kinda already common knowledge that our hirsute cousins could make fire. Technically this study only proved that they COULD have used their primitive tools to start fires, but it seems like a given to me, since it IS a known fact that Neanderthals USED fire. They’ve found some of those aforementioned stone tools with scorch marks. Why isn’t there fossil evidence of fire use during heavy Ice Age periods, then? Possibly because the Neanderthals couldn’t get hold of any wood, not because they didn’t know how to start fires. You can’t make ice burn, no matter how adept you are at starting fires. The Neanderthals would seem to have been eating their flesh raw during those times. Or else they turned vegetarian. But it’s more likely a case of the former.

It may have been humans who drove a species of gibbon to extinction, but it wouldn’t have been Neanderthals, fire-users or no. This particular gibbon died out much more recently. Scientists discovered the bones of JUNZI IMPERIALIS in a tomb in China. As the tomb is *only* some 2000 years old, we can assume that the gibbons were alive back then as well. Supposedly Neanderthals were not.

The Evil Cheezman • August 3, 2018

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