Nazi Furries

My favorite targets for my seemingly vitriolic yet ultimately benign mocking—since I got in trouble for being too harsh in my criticisms of TWILIGHT and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES—are Furries. They are such easy targets, too. Grown men and women who like to put on animal costumes and—do things. (There might be kids reading this article, remember, and I try to keep things PG-13 around here.) So yeah, Furries. I never feel bad for picking on Furries. They even outrank Bronies on the list of things I find pervy and skeevish.

I came across this article (the title of which I’m going to reproduce in full for you here), NEO-NAZIS ARE TEARING THE FURRY WORLD APART, and I thought, nope. Not gonna touch this one. It’s a potential sandtrap. It’s Tar-Baby, from the old Brer Rabbit stories. I’d get tangled up in this one and never be able to extricate myself. Furries and Nazis. You can’t make that stuff up. I’m merely going to report on the other report, then, and withhold my usual witty and oftentimes scathing commentary. All I am prepared to say on the subject is that, apparently, there are Nazi Furries. I had no idea. And I am going to leave it at that.

By The Evil Cheezman

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Well I know that Furries are defianatly getting the kick in the tail they now deserve, Being a “Former” werewolf furry myself. I grew disgusted with the growing out landish “activities” In public, My fullfilment in past was more LARP as the Big Bad wolf. and he does even in German Folk Lore exude raw power & sexuality,
But alas. With the popularity growing to where anyone with a smart device can participate in Furworld now, The bad segment will also prevail., ” To quote Elwood Blues. ” I HATE Illinois Nazis.” And I too HATE “Furry” NAZIs,
But I Do know that to show them any attention Only strengthens thier “cause”.And gives them a little Power.
Took me 3 decades to learn to hate all people equally so that Im not a racists or specist or sexist.

*Sigh* For one, if you’re using The Daily Beast for anything, you’re being grossly misinformed. Those guys do nothing but lie and sensationalize.

Second, the furs in question, The Furry Raiders, are not Nazis. They were labeled as such because a bunch of oversensitive furs mistook that armband they have as the same one the Nazis used and cried wolf. Then, these same oversensitive, possibly Antifa, furs started talking about punching the Raiders if they ever met, to which one of the Raiders made an off-hand remark about said person getting shot if they tried that. (They’d have that right, as far as I’m concerned.)

What few true Nazi furs exist would probably not even fill a ten seat table, but at least take this away: That word ‘Nazi’ is being overused, and these guys got it slapped on them for flimsy reasons.

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