Native American Werewolves

WolfMaidenNative Americans have incredibly profound and fascinating beliefs, many of them involving wolves. To several tribes (past and present), the wolf itself is known as a protective spirit or totem. They view the wolf as a wise fellow hunter to be respected and admired.

In spite of what some Twilight fans think, Stephenie Meyer wasn’t the one that came up with Native American werewolves, no, I’m afraid that is a very old belief that many tribes have. Since Twilight is causing a stir of interest in Native American lore and beliefs -especially with the second movie, New Moon coming out soon which has much more of Jacob Black and the rest of the wolves involved- we’ll shed some light on the subject.

Quite a few Native American tribes are familiar with the idea of a man transforming from man to beast. The belief is known in many tribes including the Mohawk (whose territories once covered upstate New York to southern Quebec) where those that could shift were known as limmikin (sometimes yenaloosi) but it is the Novajo tribe that is best known for its shifter beliefs. These shifters are called skinwalkers, the Navajo word for such people is yeenadlooshi, which means “he goes on all fours.”

According to Navajo tradition skinwalkers will even look physically different from normal people – the main difference being their eyes, which are large and glowing, even in daylight. It is thought that if someone looks a skinwalker in the eyes they can absorb a person and “steal their skin.” So it goes without saying that someone should avoid looking anyone suspected of being a skinwalker in the eyes. They were also believed to have no genitals and their skin was supposedly rock hard, making it impervious to axes and arrows.

In some versions of the tradition the skinwalker’s tongue would be black, proof that their soul was poison. It was also believed that becoming a skinwalker was caused by dark forces, a person that becomes one was believed to have done something immoral to attract that darkness. Also, a skinwalker didn’t take just one form, they took many, such as owls, crows, coyotes, but one of the most common forms was wolf. While in animal form they lost all trace of humanity, the beast and animal instincts took over, making them vicious and unpredictable. This was only one version though, another is that while in animal form they were actually much more intelligent. They were also able to read minds and could lure people out of their homes and into the woods by imitating the voices and cries of loved ones.

Then there are the Hopi Indian traditions where shapeshifting is brought on by a special ceremony known as Ya-Ya. The details on this ceremony are extremely secret and well-protected but it is thought to involve wearing the skin of the animal one wishes to become.

And there you have it, one small look into the very expansive collection of Native American traditions and beliefs.

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  1. K I’m from da laguna tribe n I’m from da wolf clan n just before my great grandfather past away he said dat all people from our clan can turn into wolves but only full blooded Native Americans can n not part or half blooded natives but when my cuz turned 20 my uncles n grandfathers did this very sacred tradition dat white black or any other race can never ever know about but after my cuz was done there were things changed about him like hearing strength diet n a lil bit buff n my grandfather said soon my time will come soon when I turn 20 or 19 it depends

    1. Can I know it??? I’m black, white but native american (mostly native, the black just shows genetic wise on my skin) 51.9% cherokee (or some other clan around NY, CT;USA) 10.3% white(european ethnicites like italian, roman etc.) and 37.8% black and my anscestor was also a shaman but the ritual was lost to us because of the reservations and killing back then so can you email the ritual to me or message me on google +, facebook or twitter???


      Facebook: Christian Greene

      Twitter: SqUeEKeSofficialacc.

      Google+: SqUeEkEs DeRp PrOdUcTiOnS

      It’d be nice to get back what those “white devils” (as a distant cousin called them) stole from us.

      PLEASE it would bring great pride back to us (even if there are only like 3 of us who are still unwatered down in our lineage).

    2. Stupidly said no black are silly u goita be. Natives are black.That is ridiculous for u to even say something so stupid. And Columbus never been in America. He was Caribbean with all black people. So stop your lies. Better start telling the truth. All the lies about black slaves coming from Africa is biggest lies yawl be telling people. The come from America not from Africa. Stop telling lies.

    3. What tribe are you in bc i’m a native American too i think im Cherokee native American i think i was born a werewolf but idk how to tell if i was Born a werewolf

  2. I am part Cherokee mostlikly 50 % because my grandmother on my mothers side was Cherokee she was in the Aniwaya clan I have lots of dreams of me turning into a werewolf and seeing the full moon last night 6/18/2014 that night I had a dream about me looking at 2 full moons and then turning into a werewolf I really need help to understand these dreams im having some one please reply

    1. Perhaps you were ready to change. I’ve had similar dreams around when I was 12. Its hard to accept knowing you are different. These have been my struggles. But deep down im a wolf and i know that i can change. I dont change on full know it has been a year and no one has talked about it with you. Our werewolf experiences are different. There’s not a whole lot to explain. But there is a lot we can’t explain. Authorities hide a lot of the answers. All you have to do is keep to yourself. I’m Cherokee and’re not alone. If you have passed on without these dreams then dont worry. But you’ll only know if you are one if you have the instincts of a wolf. Its the only way to accept who you really are.

      If you wanna know my story ill share it ^^
      You can contact me via email or facebook
      Facebook: Cheyenne Fish
      Either way I hope to hear from you ^^

  3. If you make any comparrison to twilight when speaking of being a werewolf youre full of shit and should probably do your research. Twilight werewolves arent even close to what the native legends say about a werewolf which is more appropriately known as skinwalkers.

  4. I don’t care what people says I think wolves are the most beautiful creatures in this world MALES AND FEMALES

  5. When I was 34 I had a dream of vampires chasin me and behind the vampires there was 4 wolves chasin the vampires that was trin to get me….. What does that means cause now I had to have a dream catcher so I won’t have those dreams. Then I put my dream catcher away and now and even I have dreams of a wolf or 2. 4 or 5 years ago I had a dream of my ex boyfriend bein murder by a guy and she is full blood cherokee and when I went back home I find out it really happen

    1. could’ve been killed by

      A. ATWOK

      B. Vampires or supernaturals (probably vamps or werewolves themselves)

      C. some sick human

    2. The cabal are vampires. Werewolves keep the vampires in check. The vampires have gotten greedy so Heavenly Father and mother earth use the down to earth, simple Lukoi as their apex predator that allows all life to flourish. If not then vampires will consume all life and spirit from the people.

  6. II don’t care whant if people believes or not. I think wolves are the most beautiful creatures in this world.MALES AND FEMALES… :) Of all the animals in the world its they eyes I love lookin in their eyes. They have the beautiful soul and what I see in their they soul is love and kind.

  7. Mohawk are a nation, not a tribe. I think the plains natives out west are the only ones that use the word “tribe”. If you’re even a tad bit native do us all a favor and stop using the word “indian”. Indians live in India. Let’s not encourage one man’s ignorant mistake (looking at you Columbus). I’ve never heard/read the words “limmikin” or “yenaloosi” in the Mohawk language, it’s not in our vocabulary, but perhaps in a different nation’s tongue. As for skinwalkers… they were/are feared, yes. Evil? No more evil then an actual wolf, I believe. It might depend on the individual. And clans are a family thing. I know some wolf clan, they are swift runners, lol but probably not skinwalkers or werewolves. I’m just saying that being apart of the wolf clan doesn’t guarantee you to be anything supernatural. It’s attributable, just as most bear clan are fierce and large in stature and most turtle clan are short and patient. Do skinwalkers and werewolves exist? I hold out hope. It’s neat to see so many people are interested in this though.

    1. I am a quarter Choctaw/Chickasaw and Irish. My late Grandfather was full blood native American. I believe that wolves are mystical creatures and I can get lose in their eyes.
      I have always had my dreams come true , some are good some are not so good. when bad stuff get ready happen to me my Grandfather or my late father appears to me in a dream to warn me. I agree that native should not be call Indians. here lately I cant seem to shake a image in my mine of running wolves and was wondering if you might know the meaning?

    2. Sorry but the Mohawk *was* a tribe, as part of the Iroquois Confederacy (or Nation). They often wielded the most power among the Confederacy and were incredible warriors. But they were, indeed, a tribe. The other tribes that were involved in the Nation were the Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, , Seneca and the Tuscarora.
      As far as the names–yenaldooshi (most correct spelling) is a Navajo name for a skinwalker, however they believed it was a witch that could take the skin from a coyote, rather than a true skinwalker, or even a wolf..
      Limmikin is used by the Cherokee, however, it is said that they brought the name from “Northern tribes” but I could not find where the name originated from. And yes, the Mohawk would definitely have been ‘northern’ than the Cherokee, so were dozens of other tribes.
      I, myself, am Mohawk from three generations back. I would love to think that my ancestors were from the Wolf Clan, I don’t know.

    3. Sorry but the Mohawk *was* a tribe, as part of the Iroquois Confederacy (or Nation). They often wielded the most power among the Confederacy and were incredible warriors. But they were, indeed, a tribe. The other tribes that were involved in the Nation were the Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, , Seneca and the Tuscarora.
      As far as the names–yenaldooshi (most correct spelling) is a Navajo name for a skinwalker, however they believed it was a witch that could take the skin from a coyote, rather than a true skinwalker, or even a wolf..
      Limmikin is used by the Cherokee, however, it is said that they brought the name from “Northern tribes” but I could not find where the name originated from. And yes, the Mohawk would definitely have been ‘northern’ than the Cherokee, so were dozens of other tribes.
      I, myself, am Mohawk from three generations back. I would love to think that my ancestors were from the Wolf Clan, I don’t know.


  8. All I know is that my grandfather is full blooded cheeroke. Ever since I was 13 I have had dreams of my granny an grandpa dying an they did soon after I started having those dreams. According to my mother our first ancestor in the tribe was a witch doctor.. But my great aunt just says to me that I need to control my anger she says I can’t let it out. Y? I don’t know. When I was fourteen some kid told me that one day I will inherit my tribal promise. What that is I don’t know. Im confused yes. Bc lately round the darkest time of the night I wiill get extremely pissed over ntn my brothers keep calling me a demon bc at night my eyes have a redish tint to them an if im pissed they glow red. I told my great aunt an all she said was for me to watch my anger. What is going on I don’t care I just want it to be over.

    1. its never over as far as seeing future events go I’m not sure your a werewolf my fellow man but being half Cherokee myself not sure if that has anything to do with it or not but I have dreams and when I tell people they think I’m crazy till it happens so find a way to use it to your advantage

    2. witchdoctors were almost always shapeshifters so yeah buddy your somethin (and if I’m correct they were usually the alpha so it’s your lucky day).

      were you good at sports and all around unusually fit???

    3. you could also have the powers of a witch or you can be any type of other shape shifter (because your side effects are found with being a werewolf, but being a werebear, fox, cyote are a mystery).

      1. Christian and Don,
        I have some of the same questions also due to recent experiences because I am worried for my family. Does this only apply to those of Cherokee descent? I am not a “wannabe”, nor am I attempting to make a joke of something serious. I know this happens. But what I don’t understand is why someone I love so much has to take off so frequently to be with nature, discuss shape shifting etc. Maybe I am just not meant to understand all the rituals and “disappearances” since I am not Indiginous, however I really need some insight so I can better understand things that have happened in my life the past two years.

    4. Natives from the states never had witch doctors. We have medicine men and shaman. We are not African or Haitians. The gift is sometimes hereditary but must be learned. I am a seer. Whites call it clairvoyant. It is mostly a gift.

  9. When I was round thirteen I went to my father an I told him that I saw granny dying couple months later she died the exact same way I dreamed for that I was blamed an he gave me up calling me demon he said I was a killer an pretty much he up to dcs after beating the shit outa me. He tried to force me into Catholicism but I wouldn’t go I became interested n native legends I have anger issues yes. I was put on medication for sleep an other shit all ik is that if I go to sleep pissed off I dream of Somone dying an they do. Bc of that im afraid to sleep. Lately round night im pissed an my foster brothers keep freaking out bc my eyes glow a reddish tint even n the daylight they r slightly red. What is happening idk I just want answers an I need them. Im part cheeroke. That’s all ik. My aunt is full blood cheeroke an all she say to me is that I need to control my anger before something happens y?

      1. I have a native American heritage as well but I don’t know what tribe. I often have repeating dreams and those are the ones that come true. I also tend to get gut feelings alot and they’re always right, but I know that I’m not a wolf

    1. and even though jesus is the way he shouldnt have said, did or called you those things because you are not any of those you are a creation of god and he told me to tell you no matter what things you were born with your still a human in his eyes and HE. LOVES. YOU.

      Your father shouldn’t have forced you into catholicsm especially because there not really doing his will right now (you should’ve chose for yourself, and I hope the damage is has tried to inflic upon your soul will not harden your heart to the point when you shut out god or simply believe he’s not real, they were when it started it out but got greedy and controlling and the actual church had to seperate and go underground as a lot of different sects and some sects got confused and others stayed true.

      Just to quel some of your confusion Don hoped it helped and buddy…
      keep trucking till you find your pack or a good church or both keep livin things will get better :).

  10. Really? My eyes have reddish tinge to them ESP at night my foster brothers keep freaking out bc they do that. An if im extremely pissed an I try to hide my anger they turn red an theyjust give me cigs to calm down. Idk yes im confused an bc of this I’ve had to let go of the woman I’ve always loved an since I’ve done that my eyes have a permanent red spot sitting round the pupil. An they grow larger when im pissed an at night… They grow larger an my pupils widen along wit them y? Y do they do that? I remember when I was fourteen I met this dude who claimed he was a werewolf an said I was one too. Shortly after he told me he died.. Authorities say it was a car accident but I was told by his family that he had a bullet hole n his head. He always told me he was being chased an said that I will inherit my tribal heritage. Im part cheeroke so I have no clue. I just found out… What does this mean? I need answers can anyone give them to me?

      1. so what your saying is that if a person has red eyes we are suppose to stay away from them but I think we all have learned from watching movies and tv shows about werewolves and vampires what we should but, I think I have the power to become one because it says in my family tradition that the second born from any family in my Irish tribe they will have the power to be able to not control their anger and I have issues controlling my anger so i might have the ability to turn.

    1. ATWOK was probably hunting your guy you met and your trying to suppress your wolf side with drugs BAD IDEA (it’ll keep coming back stronger and stronger until you kill yourself from possible overdose or lose control and rampage) just embrace it find a pack and next time you feel your uncontrollable anger (transformation possibly) find a secluded place and… let it out (a lot of it I’m sure your aware is probably hurt and loss from your life, so letting go where your alone where there’s no one to judge you and you can be your true self with help with the anger. You can be the imfamous “alpha born” werewolf thats why your symptoms are so strong and the physical differences happen and show constantly.

      1. I’m not sure if you are the one that put the info beneath this from Pingback (I-m not sure where the “reply” marks go, but it seemed to be more likely that it came from you rather than Alpha v who posted below) but I found much of the same information — but my post is closer to the top and was responding to Boden. He was angry about someone’s remark (I can’t find which one) but the remark was saying that yenaldooshi (altho they misspelled it) and limmikin were Mohawk names for shifters. And while both Boden and I are both Mohawk, I corrected tthe issue — about how the yenaldooshi was the Navajo name for a skinwalker that was actually a witch and that Limmikin is used by the Cherokee. I didn’t find the name for the witch, that you did, and added more information. I find the info quite interesting.

      1. I might just be human for now nut trust me I’m an alpha already and don’t you posers FOREGET IT (I don’t NEED a to be a wolf to be an alpha I’m alrwady one, I’m only waiting for the physical manifest (;o|-)| )

        Real Werewolfs Out There: I dont think he wants it he’s just another teen at his computer *STARTING TO MOVE TO THE NEXT COMMENT*

        DON’T YOU MOVE A F*@!@#$ MUSCLE

        Yes I’ve read every possible ramification all the way to the first account in greek times, to the “hounds of god”, to the hellhound, to the different shifts to the spells and such and do I want it do I know what I’ll become *In a stupid, mocking voice*


        YES! YES! YES!



        BITE ME (back up your S!@#)

        THIS IS A CALL TO ALL WEREWOLF WHO “THINKS” THERE “ALPHA” ENOUGH TO DO IT (I’m calling both fake and real on their BS) (if your not then maybe your pack should have a TRUE WOLF LEAD XP) I CHALLENGE NOT ONLY YOU BUT YOUR WHOLE STINKING RACE!!! TURN ME OR RETREAT BACK TO FANTASY WHERE YOU BELONG, YOU FLONT IT WITH THE OCCATIONAL “oh I’m a werewolf I can transform, and run fast and scratch my own fleas yada yada yada” NO MATTER IF YOU THINK YOUR NOT… YOU ARE!


        No REAL werewolf can resist this challenge of their pride and respect SO COME … I’m WAITING, WILLING AND ABLE |:)

        1. I don’t mean to offend anybody, but there appears to be a lack of thought process when I see “do you want to be a werewolf?” Makes more sense to say it’s real and then list references to back that up rather than to give the skeptics another reason to laugh. And then leaving people like myself with giant question marks hanging over our heads.

          Why the cross over the house? I went to Cheshire Coffee a few weeks ago after a trip to Close to Home (in southington) for sewing supplies. I live within a half hour.

  11. Well if the some of you who claim to be real werewolves…. Thats just you wanting attention. I’m not trying to be mean at all but if you were a “real” werewolf, you wouldn’t at all be open about it.

  12. I know how lame this sounds but I have the best were wolf stories you will ever hear only because it’s true

    1. this story I’m about to share w you is no laughing matter nor fantasy but fact it all began before any of us had become in what is now known as fort Payne Alabama during the civil war a general name of Payne had brought his Calvary in 1 st Calvary the natives my ancestors the Cherokee was given a choice to fight for the general or die or leave on the trail of tears one brave I’ll call him red cloud red for short took up Payne on his shit of a offer and fought for him red was a fiercely admired brave of his clan and neighboring clan feared overall the others he was something totally different a battle broke out and red refused to use a gun he use a spears and hatchet he knew better than to let the paleface see the Hunter he was so he kept man form he had slain over sixty men in this battle without being harmed four days later about five in the afternoon another ambush occurred he faught killing more men but was slowly riddled with ball bullets a medical student that was drafted into Paynes crew saw red fall the general ordered that redcloud be taken care of for the general had grew fond of reds fearless tactics and as John is taking care of reds wounds in the heat of battle the doctor roughly pulling bullets from red’s body triggers red to lose control of his posure butting the young doctor’s hand as he tried pushing him on his side something was passed along to John and grew stronger and stronger on each hunters moon he knew he couldn’t be in population of others so he moved southwest of this fort sixty odd miles away on top of a mountain he had money from all his services and dealings from the locals he built a home with a caretakers house just south of his he ran a doctor’s office out of his house in 1991years and years later a family naught that home place and strange activities occurring at that old house in crossville still to this day I was born in the fountains hospital in ft Payne in 1986 I was severely disfigured born with a hole in my face my grandmother was full Cherokee she lived in the apartment across the street as time went on and my surgery was over I was skateboarding with my older brother and a friend when this creature walking upright covered in fur with glowing orange eyes steem coming from his mouth legs bent like that of a dog about seven ft maybe wearing a doctor’s coat walking from the hospital behind the apartment complex is about fifteen feet from us doing no harm to us we ran as fast as we could to get inside my dad moved us into the doctors old office and my grandmother later into the caretakers house I recently found out that doctor had traveled back and forth from mobile Alabama to crossville he had a wife and a litter of children eleven born on the same day June 22 none lived long still infants when they died

  13. The constant discussion over the Twilight Saga as an example, or “proof” that these are facts then Facebook may be more appropriate for you. Taylor Lautner is not a Native actor and Robert Pattinson came into the acting scene in Harry Potter, for crying out loud! I already read some things, and before I share my own experience (which may provide answers for some of you, and vice versa) I will go through everything. I am not somebody with a ton of time on her hands, just looking for a place to relate to others who have similar experiences.

    On a side note, those who are saying things such as “this sounds cool” or “I’d like to learn more, I believe in it!” This isn’t Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. I don’t mean to sound “nasty”, just firm regarding my point of view. For those who are serious, I will be happy to talk over email, Facebook, phone, etc. upon request. I am not giving personal info out right away, aside from the fact that I live in CT (by the woods, but not on the Mohegan or Pequot reservations).

  14. Most of you have no idea what being a wolf is about. Love my Native bros out there, kicking some butt with the truth, and calling people out! I am Shawnee and Sauk. Our people have stories that go way back into history of the werewolf, but we do not talk about them much and we certainly do not share them with outsiders. There are several ways that a person can “shift”. For Angie, you may have a closeness with the wolf, it may be a spirit helper of some sort. I do not feel like you are a “werewolf”. Our people accept it for what it is, and we leave it alone. Kind of like the whole Sasquatch thing. Sasquatch has always been, and it has a purpose here. leave it alone. Always be careful about what you wish you were, or want to be… there are consequences to everything and “shapeshifting” is not something to be toyed with. You better have the power and the ancient knowledge before you go delving into something that you may regret. For those of you who are true wolves out there…love, peace, and kinship. For those of you who “think you may be a wolf”…you will know if you are. It is something that you are born with. Trace your heritage back, talk to elders of your family, see if someone has had similar instances. “Changing is a gift, and can also be a curse. With the good, always comes the bad…. Follow your hearts good people, and don’t forget to go howl at the moon! Love, light and peace to you all and good luck on your endeavors.

      1. And yet Elisha got pissed off at children and a she bear came out and ate the children. I would imagine she bears look like what a man might look like as a werewolf in size and stature of a female… don’t cha think?… oh and werewolves hate dark witches.

    1. hi susan this is very interesting what you wrote I find it very brave what you say and this makes it all a lot of sense what you stated I am learning more about it, so can you suggest someone that can explain more to me about this, I am not indian but had indian friends before, long long time ago at school now all separated since then in 1970s. so for now I am reading a bit on werewolves and some things about indian tribes that also are part of it as shapeshifters. or other means this site is interesting to read and learn too by the way. if you can suggest anyone that I can learn from about it and understand more you can let me know, take care

    2. my name is steven and i was given the name white fang by a cherokee chief named white wolf i met him thru one of his grand daughters and her name is penelope wolf she told me about him and i heard there is a test u have to pass before u become part of the tribe but for some reason white wolf didnt give me the test he only welcomed me into the tribe and he introduced me to his other granddaughter named kiki she had feelings for me and called me her mate but that is the part i do not understand this all started a few years after i turned 18 and on my 13th birthday i woke up and and there were marks in my bed and it looked like claw marks and i keep dreaming of running with wolves and i feel refreshed when i go into the woods and was hoping u could explain it to me as soon as u can please

    3. how are you Shawnee and sauk were your parents from two different tribes Like father from one then mother from other

  15. Btw folks…wolf people know wolf people….there is a kinship there. I can pick out a true wolf person from the crowd. very few and far between. Normal looking people. Although I must say, most wolf people have a certain look to their eyes. Not changing colors and all that garbage. You just know… Certain mannerisms, and if you don’t know, or are wolf yourself, you would just think it was an ordinary individual. :)

    1. Hello my name is Brian but I go by Talon and well I’ve always had a great connection with wolves ever since I was a little kid and for some reason I’ve always been sort of an outcast to everyday people and I know that I have Native American in me and my great grandmother was 100% but there has always been this weird feeling that I was different from everyone else is it possible that I could have this gift???

  16. this is very interesting I do not disrespect no one. I have a lot of respect for tribes who have their own beliefs. and I would like to find out more about it. and as well as which tribe has more information about the werewolves among the tribes and learn more about it if possible I am curious, I always been fascinated by this with obsession of course, who can tell me more. I watched twilight but I think there is far more better things real for what I heard.

  17. susan may i have some help since im lost here u said u were part native american right if so i was hoping u could help explain things to me

  18. As a an Apache warrior with witch blood born into this life I never seek recognition of what I am but who. I can help within my capacity. Mystic magic or not, helping those in need is what truly matters

  19. I’ve been lead here literally on a dream. The other night I had a very real dream of my hubby and I crossing paths from a cozy, cute, and quaint coffee shop. His features were very different. His hair was very long and straight. His nose and facial features were more defined. We weren’t in California. We were different and strangers, but yet we were the same and familiar to one and other. When I had accidently bumped into him our skins came into contact and I had quickly apologized. He had said it was okay. I was traveling. I came to rest at a small motel in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere in particular. I had woken up with him laying next to me and watching me, but his eyes were glowing. I had an epiphany that he was a werewolf and he confirmed. There is more to the dream, but I’ll leave it there. I had asked my mother-in-law if she knew any significance between the dream or wolves and the tribe she only heard about she was from. Her grandfather and dad were full blooded Apache from out of New Mexico and Colorado. She is the youngest of 14. She said there was some dispute about land and that ties with the family and tribe were severed and now her eldest brother and twins are looking for information. I am now researching this myself. Not just because of the dream, but for my family and my son. My son is more aware than most children. He is precognitive and can see as well as talk to spirits. I informed my husband about my dream and what his mom had said and all he knows is wolves are specifically specific to his family for reasons unknown. If anyone can point me in a helpful direction it would be most appreciated. I want it to be known that if I’m lead to negative and dark information that I will not be happy and will redirect it back into your direction. Thank you.

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