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Next week, the Science Channel series MYTHICAL BEASTS finally gets around to doing werewolves. I’m stoked. This week’s episode was cool, too, though, focusing as it did on demons and devils and, by extension, such things as trepanning (Medieval people boring holes into their skulls in order to let demons out), witches (Medieval people being terrified of women, basically), the origin of the Pentangle/Pentagram as a symbol for controlling demons, and Fairies and Changelings. (They were stretching it a bit with this last one, but the coverage of a murder case in late 1890s Ireland, in which a man burned his wife alive because he was convinced she was a Changeling was most interesting.) They didn’t go into a lot of detail as to the origin of the belief in demons, save to recount the story of the fallen angels mentioned in the Bible, but as the focus seemed to be on the European take on demons as opposed to a global one, this is acceptable. This program is intended for the layman and not the scholar, after all, and they only have around 45 minutes to fit in all the material.

I did have one question after watching this episode, though: why do they make all the demons look like Dementors from Harry Potter?

The Evil Cheezman • December 9, 2018

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