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My Visit to the Ray Harryhausen Museum Exhibit

I’ve held off on posting this, but I think I’ll go ahead. Enough time has passed, enough distance achieved, enough water slogged past under the bridge. Also, I’m feeling nostalgic.

I took a job writing content for another website. (I won’t name it, nor does it matter, as the website is now kaput.) There was a three-month training period before they actually started paying. Since it was for me a “little extra gravy” job and not a primary one, and since I only had to provide one article a week, I set aside my usual mercenary mentality, my jobber (wrestling terminology) mindset—“Pin me, pay me!”—and agreed to it. Conveniently, once my three-month probationary period was up and it was time to start paying, they decided to fire me. My work wasn’t up to their standards, they said. As I said, awfully convenient, that.

They did, however, offer me a one-time payment for this one article I wrote, one wherein I reported on my visit to the Ray Harryhausen museum exhibit that was then operating in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, an article that was *so* beneath their standards that the Ray Harryhausen Foundation itself contacted those bozos to thank them for it—for MY article.

Well, I never signed away my rights to any of that stuff. I won’t just repeat the article from the other site, but all the photographs I used for it are mine, taken by me, belonging exclusively to me, so I’ll share some of them here. These are the genuine pieces used in various Harryhausen movies, manipulated by the hands of the Master himself.

RAY HARRYHAUSEN –MYTHICAL MENAGERIE was on display at the fabulous Science Museum of Oklahoma. It closed in December of 2017. I’m so glad I got to see it.

The Evil Cheezman • February 5, 2019

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