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WARNING: There are spoilers up ahead, so if you haven’t watched Season 1 of Teen Wolf you may not want to read this post. If you have watched it, then onwards!

Season 1 of MTV’s Teen Wolf just came to an action-packed and mysterious close. After watching the last episode I have to admit that I can’t wait for season 2. MTV really surprised me with this one, usually their shows are low-budget crap, but Teen Wolf was shockingly good. There were loads of things I loved about this season 1, as well as a few things I hated. Here’s a look at my likes, dislikes and my hopes for season 2.


  • The character development. I was disappointed by the characters in the first episode, they all appeared to be the stereotypical overly cliché high school teens shown in damn near every movie and TV show. But I was wrong. The writers surprised me throughout the series by giving each character history and depth. What I originally thought were blah shallow characters were actually realistic teenagers with real issues and interesting backstories.
  • The twists and turns in the plot. They always kept you guessing and nothing was predictable. Like, I was convinced that the alpha was either the teacher or the vet, but it wasn’t.
  • Stiles! I love this character, he is absolutely hilarious! He steals damn near every scene he is in, both the funny ones and the serious ones.
  • Derek being the new alpha. I love that and can’t wait to see what he does with his newfound powers.
  • Kate’s death. YAY!


  • Some of the messages in the show. I know I sound like an uptight old lady saying this, but I didn’t care for some of the messages this show was sending out to its teenage viewers. I understand that it’s not meant to teach anyone anything, that it’s just an entertaining show, not a guide. But there were a few things that irritated me, like how Allison didn’t consider having sex with Scott until Lydia suggested it. She just ran off and instantly stole a condom so she could get it on. I mean, it’s great that she planned safe sex and all, but I didn’t really like the message that “hey teens, you should have sex because your friends tell you to!” I also didn’t like how the show insinuates that being pretty and popular is more important than being intelligent. I love that Lydia is brilliant, but I don’t love that she hides it and pretends to be dumb.
  • Allison’s mom. I not only hate her but I am confused by her. If she a good guy or bad guy? We haven’t seen much of her, but what we have seen isn’t very nice. She’s a giant bitch.
  • Allison siding with her aunt Kate. I know it didn’t last long, but I was pissed that she picked her side and helped Kate trap Scott and Derek. The guy tells you he loves you and a few hours later you’re pointing your bow and arrow at him? Lame.
  • The special effects. They aren’t too bad for a TV show, but, there are a few alpha scenes that are laughably terrible. Hopefully since the show has been such a success MTV will give Teen Wolf a bigger budget next season.
  • That we never learn about the vet! Scott’s boss knew about them, he even knew how to ward against the werewolves, but we never get his backstory.


  • That Lydia grows a pair and stops hiding what she is. I also hope that she does turn into… something. At the end of the last episode they said she’s not a werewolf, but then hinted that she is something else. I can’t wait to see what that something is.
  • That Stiles has even more scenes. I heart him! I would also like to see a little romance in the poor kid’s life. It’s not fair that Scott is the only one all happily in love.
  • That Derek is shirtless more often. I also hope that he kicks lots of ass (preferably while shirtless). He got a whole lot of beatings this first season, so hopefully next season he is more of a badass.
  • That we learn more about Scott’s boss!
  • That Jackson stops being a whiny bitch. I understand the need for this character and I do actually find him interesting, but he can be SO annoying.

And I could go on and on about my likes, dislikes and hopes, but I shall stop now and give you guys the floor. What were your Teen Wolf likes and dislikes? And, what do you hope to see next season?

– Moonlight

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  1. Okay dislikes first – first of all, all the shirtlessness absolutely pointless and totally sexist for the female fans. I mean they grow sideburns and claws! Hardly a massive transformation.
    – Second, Allison is still too flakey and stereotypical an really not making a lot os sense towards the end. I mean she is surprised when her aunt wants to kill hem after she just put two arrows in a guy! And for what? her anxiety about the werewoles was still never fully explained. Because at times she seemed onto things an the next she is blindly accepting whatever her aunt tells her all so she could become miss tough girl with a bow! too m uch flip flopping to make drama.
    There are some superficial and bad teen social messages as mentioned above.
    – The undeveloped mother characters. Both Allison’s mom who is a two dimensional tyrant when she does start appearing and te werewolf’s mom who seems rather clueless throughout it all and her relationships in it all seem to remain unchanged.
    – The superiority of the hunters is another rediculous thing, I mean I am glad the aunt gets it in the end but they are werewolves yet too easily they seam to be able to be defeated by regular people. they can stalk and eat anyone else but the hunters have an almost comicbook survival skill and ability to trump monsters a little too easily.

    Speaking of the hunters, are they cold ones or what? i mean not only is torture okay but brother would kill sister and no one seems overly upset at the aunts death not even the family!!

    Overall I actually liked it and watched the entire season which I was not sure at first I would. A bit angsty at times but far more interesting and things moved fairly well. their lore is pretty well designed and their are things set up for next season though the last episode could have easily ended the series as if they were hedging their bets.I am interested to see where they go with it

    1. Yeah, I don’t get Allison either. She’s a bit of a Mary Sue, she’s whatever the writer’s need in any given episode. Not a solid character for sure.

    1. The fact that some of the characters seem like the average teen stereotype, and then BAM, you figure out that the Jock is a bit needy at times, the one that seems all pretty and stupid is a total genius, and the asthmatic is really into hardcore sports.
    2. The plot twists, at first (before they said who the Alpha is) I thought it was either the vet, or Scott’s dad (we don’t know to much about him) but it wasn’t.
    3. Stiles!! (I heard in the second season, we get to see him shirtless!!!!!)
    1. The crappy CGI, sometimes it’s dark enough that they can get away with it, but other times it’s just hilariously bad.
    2. The messages, basically what you said about it.
    3. The fact that the werewolves look like they just get sideburns and colored contacts, I’m not saying they should look like the ones from Twilight, but they’re called wereWOLVES for a reason.
    1. More of Stiles.
    2. That they tell us the “something” that Lidia could be.
    3. That Scott is still a werewolf; I was confused about the ending.

  3. I don’t know if the shirtlessness is “totally sexist for the female fans,” but I know plenty of non-heterosexual male fans loved it. We’ve seen cheesecake for so long on TV that it’s get beefcake too.
    I don’t think the show insinuates “that being pretty and popular is more important than being intelligent”–it says that high schoolers think that way, and they do. Styles’ scene with Lydia indicates that the show believes Lydia’s doing herself a disservice in following the norm. I don’t know if Scott’s Mom was all that clueless–she basically gave Scott the right advice and was a major source of support for him. And the show seems to imply that Allison’s Dad is a more caring, motherly presence than her Mom.
    I think Allison helping Kate trap Scott and Derek was tied into her frustration at being lied to by practically everyone she knew. She needed to lash out temporarily and was game to punish her less-than-honest boyfriend, though she didn’t have the soul of a killer.
    The special effects aren’t anywhere near movie-level, but they’re still better than the CGI werewolves you see on the SyFy channel. The show had a limited budget to work with–hopefully it’ll be increased next season. I’m pretty sure they’ll explain the vet also.

  4. Well i really like this show but my dad says i cant watch it because of a few scenes but i still like the show, its full of action, but im also kinda young but im not gonna say how old

  5. Hey, I hate to be a nit-picky son-of-a-gun, but I HATE tv shows and video games and movies with horrible werewolf special effects-seriously, I can’t even watch them. So before I youtbe this and waste my time in disapointment (although that sounds unlikely at this point), can somebody post a picture of the werewolves from the show? Are they guys in gorilla suits and bald-face wolf/dog masks like cursed? or are they more like the lithe dog soldiers? Oh, and also, werewolves in videogames are BAAAAAAaaad without tails. Just saying.

      1. When googling this, all I find are I was a Teenage Werewolf or something, thatb old spoof movie, and a bunch of teenagers with yellow eyes, lol

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