My New Favorite Werewolf is… Henry Foss!

Okay, now I know that science is like, blasphemy to all things folkloric, and it’s true. But you’d be surprised at where the werewolf happens to pop up… like the SyFy channel, for instance. Because, most of their shows usually feature genetic experiments, aliens, and you know… science-y stuff. In fact, the werewolf I’ve unearthed, awesome as he is, has fallen into this weird category/generalisation, that can only be produced by a sci-fi show. Our dear werewolf is an “abnormal”, which is what all … basically unknown, new, folkloric, etc., creatures are filed under in “Sanctuary”. It’s definitely one of the best shows out there right now, –and in case you’re interested in checking it, and Henry Foss out (and his pierced nipples! omg, hot!), –you can watch the first two seasons instantly right now on NetFlix.

Henry Foss is one of the supporting actors; he’s part of the main task force headed by Helen Magnus in the series. Helen runs the Sanctuary organisation, which creates a home and a network for saving or dispatching abnormals. Henry Foss, the “tech man” on this team of unlikely super-heroes, is one of the abnormals who have found their ‘sanctuary’. Henry Foss was found by the mostly immortal Helen Magnus (who injected herself with vampire blood as an experiment), –he was a wild boy, who was apparently living on the moors with wolves. In the original webisodes, Henry was a normal guy, with no abnormal tendencies whatsoever. But during the first season, we see that Henry often has a dose of diazepam; but it’s not long before his dual nature breaks free, and is no longer able to be repressed with narcotics.

In an episode titled ‘The Five’, Henry’s tenuous, at best, control over his ‘condition’ finally breaks. In an attempt to save Will from some kind of snake thing, he reveals his second nature, and also his waning control over it. But Magnus tells him there is another option; surgery, which would remove portions of his pineal and pituitary glands. This would effectively cure him, but she warns that it may have undesired effects. After realizing that he has both a gift and a curse, and that he may be able to control his change without medical alternatives, Henry decides to remain a werewolf.

In fact, by the time he’s captured by the Cabal, and they attempt to force him to change, –in order to keep him permanently in the altered form, –Henry realizes just how much control he has. He manages to control the wolf aspect but keep the heightened physical strength, and free himself. Check out the show, and show your werewolf love… besides, Henry is definitely hot in that nerdy, unsung hero kind of way.  Did I mention he has pierced nipples? Every time I see him shirtless on the show, I get an overwhelming urge to stick a $1 bill in his waistband. Ryan Robbins, the actor who portrays Foss, is also hot; you might remember him as the bartender in Catwoman… but if you want to see him now, you can watch him in the web series ‘Mortal Kombat: Legacy’, which is awesome. And guess who Robbins is? He plays frggin’ Raiden! His backstory and episodes are awesome, –and I am desperate for the movie to actually come out. Cross your fingers, we might end up seeing Robbins on the big screen soon!


  1. Uh, yes, hello. Anyone know where to find Sanctuary episodes online? Free, preferably. Season one has been taken off NetFlix I believe…

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