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My Friend Sasquatch

As is the case with animals, there’s something freaky about small children, the concept that they might be able to see things that we as adults cannot. Back in college, I remember my Psychology professor, a Vietnam veteran, telling the class about some members of a tribe of aboriginal people that his unit used as guides, and how these people could always point out the soldiers who would be killed minutes before they actually *were* killed., because they could see death—a woman—leaping on the backs of the soon-to-be deceased. Creepy, huh? These locals told the soldiers that all people are born with the ability to see “beyond the veil” but lose it as they get older.

Conversely, kids have big imaginations and cannot differentiate between make-believe and reality.

Was it just make believe when missing and then recovered three-year-old Casey Hathaway told adults that, while he was missing in the woods, that he had been hanging out with a “friendly bear”? Some folks are speculating that it wasn’t really a bear at all, but a Bigfoot, in this case acting as a hirsute guardian angel and keeping the child alive. It *is* a mystery how the little boy could have survived for two days in the woods in subfreezing temperatures without food, water, or shelter, emerging from his ordeal with nothing more serious than a few scratches.

What do you think? Was his hairy friend really there, and if so, was it really a bear?

The Evil Cheezman • February 7, 2019

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