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My Flatwoods Monster

When it comes to monsters in West Virginia, Mothman gets most of the attention, and rightfully so, as he stuck around longer and put on a much bigger show. But the Mountain State has another monster who’s pretty famous in his own right: the Flatwoods Monster. First sighted on September 12, 1952 in Braxton County, right in the middle of the State, the ten-foot-tall robotic figure was later “identified” as an owl sitting in a tree, sighted after the crash of a meteor in the not-so-flat woods of Flatwoods. This explaining-away has not affected the Monster’s popularity in the least, however, and the folks of Braxton County have adopted him as a mascot.

My interest in the Flatwoods Monster was rekindled after it was featured in an episode of the new series PROJECT BLUE BOOK. Then I saw an episode of MYSTERIES AT THE MUSEUM featuring this ceramic figure of the Monster. A little online digging led me to the name of the man who created the figure, and I learned that he handcrafts and sells such figures. I knew then and there that I had to have one. He arrived in the mail today. Check him out.

Each one of these figures is handmade, so it’s a unique work of Art as well as a collectible. And it’s a lantern. You can put a candle inside it, or a small lightbulb, or you could use it as an incense burner. You can get your very own Flatwoods Monster figure for only $35 by contacting the artist at jegibson241@gmail.com. He is a nice man named John. Tell him the Cheezman sent ya.

$35 is a reasonable price, by the way, considering that each of these Monsters is crafted and painted by hand and that it stands about a foot tall!

The Evil Cheezman • March 3, 2019

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