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2011 has come to an end, so it’s time to reflect on the past and makes wishes for the future. 2011 wasn’t a bad year for werewolf fans, but 2012 can be much MUCH better. There’s loads of werewolf awesomeness I’d like to see this coming year, and here’s a look at exactly what I want.

Over at I wrote about how there were over 6,000 vampire books published this past year – over 6,000! As for werewolves, there were just a couple hundred, and the vast majority of them were unknown and low-quality self-published stories. That’s disappointing. We did get a few good books last year, like Glen Duncan’s bestseller The Last Werewolf and Jason McKinney’s Dog World (which totally deserves mass amounts of fame), but we could do with more than a small handful of good books.  My wish for 2012 is more quality werewolf books.  We have the legendary Anne Rice’s novel The Wolf Gift coming in 2012 which will most definitely be huge. Maybe her werewolf book will trigger a giant werewolf craze like her vampire books did years ago. That would mean lots of werewolf goodies for us fans.

There were a couple big werewolf flicks in 2011, like Red Riding Hood and well… actually that’s really the only big werewolves-only movie last year. There was Dylan Dog: Dead of Night and Breaking Dawn – Part 1, but werewolves weren’t really the stars of those movies. It would be awesome to have some big-budget blockbuster werewolf films in 2012. We have the fourth Underworld film to look forward to, but from the looks of the trailer it’ll focus more on vampires vs. humans… not lycans. So, what we need in 2012 is a huge, werewolves-only, movie.

Thank goodness for Teen Wolf! That was the one and only werewolf show in 2011. Sure, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood had werewolves, but they were giant pansies that shared the spotlight with witches and vampires. Teen Wolf is all about the werewolves and just the werewolves. The show’s creator said that the show will continue to be about werewolves, that he has no intention of mixing in vampires. So that’s something we have to look forward to in the summer of 2012, when season 2 of Teen Wolf airs. My wish for 2012 is that Teen Wolf kicks ass, and that season 5 of True Blood (which is supposed to be more werewolf-centric) will also kick ass.

Video Games
Yeah, there wasn’t a single big werewolf game released last year. One of the biggest games of the year, Skyrim, allowed players the take on the role of a werewolf, and while that’s super great, it’s not much. A high budget, big console werewolf game in 2012 would be all kinds of awesome.

That sums up my werewolf hopes and dreams for 2012, as well as a small look at last year. What is your 2012 werewolf wish list? What do you want to see in the New Year?

– Moonlight

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    1. There were a few excellent self-published books this year (like the book Dog World I mentioned above). As a whole though, the majority are total crap.

      1. I will have to say Dog World was in my opinion was the best werewolf novel I read all year so glad I could get it. Thanks for that, Jason!

      2. Agreed about them being crap for I regularly check the publisher first when browsing now. If I see Smashwords, Lulu (they border on outright fraud in my opinion), or some variant thereof, I immediately dismiss the book.

        I know that’s harsh, however, I rely upon the publishers to at least do some ‘vetting’ before I spend my time on a book.

        If a book is good, it will get picked up (eventually) by a publisher. Even having name brand publisher isn’t defense against the stinketh exuded by some authors (a certain author of a character named Driz**** comes to mind) but they at least slow down the risk of stupefaction due to the poor writing skills of another.

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  3. Well the first release of Lone Wolf an indie werewolf game got released in 2011, there will be another alpha build release to pre-order customers in 2012! Hopefully lots more to come this year, check it out at with enough support maybe it will make it to the consoles some day!

  4. I don’t really care for movies or new novels, since there are so many I still haven’t read.
    I think Teen Wolf will be the only good Werewolf show so far.

    I mean, who here thinks TVD will give the werewolves actual spotlight for more than a few episodes? Not when considered what losers their Originals already are, you know whiner baby Klaus and not scary bogeyman Michael.
    And I also doubt that it will be much better in Trueblood. It is and stays a vampire show and so the werewolves will never be a true threat to the vampires and neither will any other supernatural race. I think this is actual what bothers me with the show. Albeit I wasn’t able to watch the last season, I doubt that they actually have introduced a supernatural being/people that can actually be a real threat to the vampires and gave us some good vampire slaughter.

    1. Now, that Tyler Lockwood is part vampire i doubt were gonna see any episodes centered on werewolves for a long time. He was the only central werewolf character on the show and, now, we see more of the vampire side of him than the werewolf side. The werewolves will, probably, be mentioned but never trully be seen, just heard. As for True Blood, thats one of the shows that i’m not looking forward to in 2012 with Weres in it. The TB Weres are UNBELIEVABLY pathetic and are still going to be in season 5. In True Blood, vampires are the world and Weres are just the worms wiggling in the dirt.

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