Murderous Monkeys

Continuing our coverage of primates, we must report on the latest homicide of a man in India at the hands of murderous macaques. Priest Munna Mishra, serving at a temple in Patna in northeast India, was killed at his home when monkeys sitting on a ledge above him pelted him with bricks and rocks. (The use of stone tools is the primary criteria for these hairy hominids having entered the Stone Age, as reported separately this week. These particular monkeys just so happened to be using them as murder weapons. Mishra’s death marks the third death in the area at the hands (literally) of monkeys in the past few years.

The report I’ve linked to fails to mention at what kind of temple the victim served. Or, more properly, to which Hindu deity the temple was dedicated. It would be the utmost of irony if it had been a temple consecrated to Hanuman—the Monkey god. Hanuman is partially to blame, at least indirectly, for this rise of the planet of the monkeys. Since many in India believe monkeys are sacred, killing them off isn’t an option. And as they are sacred, people tend to feed them, which has led the monkeys to equate humans with food, and they are no longer content to wait until it is offered. As for the monkeys attacking Mishra, no food was involved, so this appears to be a case of aggression, plain and simple. Humans aren’t the only primates who kill without reason.

By The Evil Cheezman

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