MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ Trailer Leaked… and it’s lame

Just as the title says, MTV trailer for their Teen Wolf remake was recently leaked and well, it looks awful. I mean, seriously, what were they thinking?

But I’ll let you folks decide:

The trailer has me feeling confused – MTV’s Teen Wolf is supposed to be a remake of the classic 80s flick, yet the only thing it appears to have in common with it is the fact that the main character is a sports-playing teen werewolf. However, it’s totally the wrong sport! In the original, Michael J. Fox plays basketball, in the new “remake” series the kid plays lacrosse. Lacrosse?! Jeez. From the looks of it we should all stop calling it a remake, it should be considered a standalone TV show that is in no way connected to the original Teen Wolf. I really have no idea why MTV labeled it a remake.

Fans of the original are calling foul on more than just the sports thing – in the original the curse is passed from father to son, it’s not caused by a bite like in this new trailer. Also, the 80s version is funny and quirky, while this new one is obviously angsty, dark and filled with drama.

From the looks of it, MTV is directing this at teens and teens only, without a thought for the older fans of the original Teen Wolf. MTV, like everyone, is simply trying to cash in on the success of werewolves. So what do they do? They create an angsty TV show about a teen werewolf and label it a remake in order to get loads of easy publicity.

Maybe I am being to harsh… or not. MTV’s Teen Wolf looks like a cheesy soap opera to me, however, I’m sure their younger audience will dig it. Personally, I think MTV should stick with their lame-ass reality shows, since it’s the only thing they’re good at now.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if it really does suck, it’s rumored that we’ll have to wait until spring to see the new show.

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  1. Video link did not load but can this be any worse than the other teen wolf tv series. Not sure if it was called that but it was a lame series that had a teen who turned into a werewolf well sort of, all he really did was fluff up his hair grow sideburns and I think changed eye colour and maybe slightly longer teeth. It was pretty dumb sitcom style show.

  2. It chaffs… it really does… the original 80’s Teen Wolf is one of my favorite all time werewolf movies and gave me hope there could be more for werewolves done then forced to change on a full moon and go on a cannibalistic rampage.

    All this series has in common with the original is the Title and as already stated, the main character playing a sport.

    I’ll watch and give this show a chance, but I’m gonna go at it as a separate entity with the coincidence of a similiar title rather then expecting a remake.

  3. wow thats bad, i personally consider myself part of the younger audience, and I can tell from the 1min 45seconds I just watched, there is absolutely no hope for this show, my opinion: cancel it and save yourself the embarassment!!!!

  4. From the way it looks I definitely agree that you can’t call it a remake. It has certain elements that are the same yes, but that’s it. It’s really more of a re-telling of certain story elements than an actual remake. As how it is, well this is just the trailer. I saw trailers that were really cool but the movies/shows sucked mayor ass, so we will have to wait and see.

  5. Hey.. thanks for the trailer. Actually I can’t wait to see this movie. I collect every werewolve movie ever made. No matter how low budget. Actually it looks good to me lol. Maybe I’m not as picky as most! I thought it was awesome there werewolve hunter was her father. Ironic ;) I like twists. too bad they gave that part up .. would have made a good surprise! Have a good 2010. Cheers!! Ang

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