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Moving Halloween

This idiocy popped up last year and it’s back. A movement by a bunch of “soccer moms” who don’t want to be inconvenienced by having to take their little ankle-biters trick-or-treating on a weeknight. They want the date for Halloween moved to the last Saturday in October or some crap. There’s a counter-petition, too, that I’ve signed. You all should as well.

Ultimately, though, it doesn’t matter in the slightest what I think or what the soccer moms think or what anybody thinks. It doesn’t matter on which night people take their kids out trick-or-treating. Halloween is and will remain October 31st. That’s because the pagan celebration over which it is superimposed took place on October 31st. We have centuries if not longer of history behind this holiday that cements it to a particular date on the calendar. I would argue that, more than any other holiday excepting possibly Easter and for sure the Fourth of July, the date on which it is celebrated is endemic to Halloween. The birth of Jesus did not actually take place on December 25th. But the Druids *did* always make their sacrifices to celebrate the harvest on Samhain, or October 31st. That’s why Halloween will always take place on that date, whatever day of the week it is.

The Evil Cheezman • August 15, 2019

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