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I’d been eagerly awaiting this one, and maybe I built it up too much in my mind. Still, I have to say I was disappointed. The film felt like it was made because they knew they HAD to make it, to wrap up the “Axis” trilogy. (Not that this one is really connected to the previous ones. The human stars of the previous film get killed off in the first five minutes, and other than having the same puppets in action, the movies don’t seem like two installments of a trilogy.) Considering that Charles Band and company are currently immersed in the upcoming reboot, which will see the Puppets depicted as evil once again, and, ironically, as servants of the same type Nazi goons as they just spent the past three movies fighting against(!), this charge may be totally on-point. Band and his band were distracted and phoning it in. PUPPETMASTER: AXIS TERMINATION will go down as one of the weakest of the series. Shame.

Werewolf marks will dig on it, though, because Weremacht, the Nazi werewolf puppet, gets to behave like an actual werewolf, by tearing out a victim’s throat. (Last year I got to meet Tom Devlin, who worked FX on this movie, and see Weremacht in person.)

Like all the Puppetmaster films, it’s hokey, cheesy fun. But it isn’t as much fun as some of its predecessors.

The Evil Cheezman • April 6, 2018

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