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Movie Review: MANDY

I admit it, I’d been putting off watching this movie, despite the rave reviews I’d read and the praises I’d heard from friends. Why? Nicolas Cage. I didn’t like Nicolas Cage. And, far more often than not, seeing his name attached to a project meant that said project was going to be a piece of utter garbage. I mean, come on, GHOST RIDER anyone? And the guy did a remake of a freakin’ Kirk Cameron bible-thumper melodrama! Cage equaled crap in my kind, and rightfully so. Last night, though, I bit the bullet. I watched MANDY. Holy honkin’ shit. DAMN.

Take HELLRAISER, THE ROAD WARRIOR, HEAVY METAL, RAMBO: LAST BLOOD, one of William Blake’s best-known poems, and about a quart of LSD, throw them all in a blender and press puree. The result you get is this movie. It’s a psychedelic symphony of Horror, one of the finest Horror works to come along in years. And Nicolas Cage gives one of the best performances I’ve ever seen in any movie, anywhere. How could this be the same dude who did THE WICKER MAN?

Nicolas Cage is now sitting at zero with me. He no longer has negative equity. Believe me, that’s saying a LOT considering just how low he’d sunk in my estimation. MANDY is his redemption. Where he goes from here is up to him, but MANDY is nothing less than a cinematic miracle. It made me forget about GHOST RIDER.

The Evil Cheezman • March 27, 2020

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