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Movie Review: MA

No, there isn’t a werewolf in MA. But there is a man who has the blood of a dog coursing through his veins. I figure that’s close enough for government work. I would explain to you how it is, exactly, that the man got the blood of a canine in his circulatory system but that would risk giving too much away—not that you can’t probably guess.

MA falls into the Horror subgenre as one of those films where a person picked-on and mistreated as a kid gets revenge as a grownup. It has essentially the same plot as movies like SLAUGHTER HIGH, VALENTINE, and obscure straight-to-video offerings like TAMARA and SCARECROW, shorn of any supernatural elements and with a Hollywood A-lister actress in the lead role. I’m not surprised that most mainstream critics didn’t care for MA, as it is a genre picture through and through. It’s a Horror movie. And as I’ve stated repeatedly, and will continue to state, commoners are not qualified to critique genre efforts. That’s not to say MA is a perfect movie. Though the acting is fine, MA offers a cast of characters, aside from the survivor girl, that you won’t really care about. They aren’t likeable, and aren’t unlikable enough that you’ll watch just to see them get their just desserts. They inspire apathy. This is true even of the movie’s star, its villainess, MA herself.

It’s plenty entertaining and worth watching, but it won’t replace the ultimate bullied-teen revenge flick, CARRIE, as the queen of the ball.

The Evil Cheezman • March 27, 2020

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