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Movie Review: LITTLE OTIK

So here’s this movie. I’m going to review it, knowing that the majority of you, if you choose to watch it, won’t like it. You might even hate it. For that matter, I don’t even know if *I* liked it. And yet the film is flawless. It is in every respect a perfect and completed “vision.” Writer/director/producer Jan Svankmajer achieved exactly what he intended, I believe. The movie does not fail, if it fails at all, due to a lack of proficiency. It is just that the piece of Art that Svankmajer created isn’t going to suit the palate of most viewers. It’s an odd movie, definitely an acquired taste. Problem is, you won’t know if you’ve acquired it until after you’ve seen it. Take a gamble.

LITTLE OTIK is a Czech film, with subtitles, and based on a Czech fairytale, about a childless couple desperate to have a baby. When the husband unearths a simulacrum, a tree stump that vaguely resembles a human infant, he presents it to his wife, who immediately begins to treat the stump as if it were alive. Then it comes to life and it starts eating. Eating anything and everything it can get its wooden little claws on. Then it starts GROWING. You can figure out where it goes from there, right?

The Evil Cheezman • October 18, 2018

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