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Movie Review: HELL FEST

This one came and went awfully quickly at the theaters (which is just a nicer way of saying it bombed). I didn’t catch it, and I typically try to see all the decently rated Horror flicks. It’s a shame HELL FEST got lost in the shuffle, because it’s a really good movie. It’s a throwback to the grand old slasher flicks of the early 80s, an homage done right, chock full of extravagant practical effects. They don’t make many of ‘em like that anymore.

The premise is a simple one. It’s one that my lovely better half and I have discussed numerous times when we would visit a haunted attraction. If you’ve ever visited a haunted attraction, I bet you’ve considered it, too. Just how easy it would be for a real life serial killer to infiltrate a haunted attraction. How would the patrons be able to tell what was real and what wasn’t? And if the killer was wearing the same kind of mask and costume as all the performers, how would you know which one was which? You wouldn’t, not until you saw the all too real knife in his hands.

I’m reviewing HELL FEST on this site as opposed to our sister site darkness.com because I explore that very theme, a killer, or in this case a werewolf, on the loose in a haunted attraction. If you’ve been reading the installments of THERIOPHOBIA: FEAR THE BEAST here on this site, or even if you haven’t (though I’m sure hoping you have been), we are almost to that very chapter. It’s fitting, then, that I just now saw HELL FEST.

I’ll even make sure to tag the specific chapter of THERIOPHOBIA when it posts, to make it easier to spot. I’ll subtitle it “Werewolf loose in a haunted attraction.” Keep your eyes peeled.

The Evil Cheezman • February 17, 2019

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