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There are enough creatures on display for this one to merit a review here on this site, despite it being a “family friendly” flick. (Although it does manage to get a PG-13 rating.) In particular, the Matagot should be of interest to theria-minded Horror marks. Depicted in the film as solid black hellcats with shiny, oversized eyes, the Matagot is a real entity from French folklore—that is to say, it really does appear in French folklore and was not created for the movie; it remains undetermined whether or not the Matagot is real in the strictest sense—said to be the spirit of a human being, either living or dead, in the form of an animal, typically appearing as a large black cat. (ABCs, anyone?)

I may be the most desired audience for this film, as I’m not a Harry Potter mark. I haven’t read the books and have seen only some of the movies. My interest in the Potter-verse is tangential at best. I showed up for this movie because of the creatures. (And Alison Sudol. Hubba hubba.) There were a couple of references that I didn’t get, but this didn’t hamper much my ability to enjoy the film. (Ignore those commoner critics* who claim the movie’s plot is too convoluted. I had no real problem keeping up, and again, I’m not a Potter mark.) The acting is fine and the movie is beautiful to behold. I quite enjoyed it.

*Remember, friends. Never trust a commoner critic to accurately review a genre film. Go see this one and make up your own minds.

The Evil Cheezman • November 25, 2018

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