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It’s a curious thing with me and this franchise. I can’t honestly say that I *liked* any of the CRITTERS movies, but I love the Critters themselves. I’ve long longed (heh) for a serious treatment of the Critters, even if that seriousness resulted in a comedic film. Does that make any sense? The best example I can think of would be ZOMBEAVERS, which is a silly movie that is subversively really intelligent. The CRITTERS movies are just terrible, but not in the good way, not in the way that “bad” movies can be great fun. They are bad without that sense of fun. Yet I watch them, again and again, because I love the fanged and furry little stars of the films.

I didn’t feel so disappointed after watching CRITTERS ATTACK. It’s just as hokey as the other four installments in the series, but maybe it isn’t quite so dumb in a cynical sense. Or maybe there’s just enough actual acting to anchor it a tad more. Or heck, maybe I’ve just missed the Critters enough that I’m more forgiving this time. I don’t know. CRITTERS ATTACK is certainly as good as any of the other movies, and probably better, so if you’ve watched and enjoyed any of them—or like me, you’ve watched and not particularly enjoyed them—you’ll have the same sort of experience this time around. If for no other reason than we are gifted in the present day with a film full of practical FX rather than CGI, the return of the Critters is something to celebrate.

The Evil Cheezman • December 27, 2019

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