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Movie Review: CHILD’S PLAY

I typically don’t cover the slashers here on this site, relegating them to our sister site darkness.com. But since I mentioned the all new CHILD’S PLAY last week in regards to the film’s fictional feud with the *other* killer doll movie out in theaters now, ANNABELLE COMES HOME (which has a werewolf in it!), I’ll go ahead and do this review thing right here. This site gets better visibility anyway, and I want my review to be seen by as many people as possible.

Folks, go see CHILD’S PLAY.

I expected to like it, what with Mark Hamill providing voice acting for Chucky. But CHILD’S PLAY is so much better than I was hoping for, so much more fun. I liked it more than ANNABELLE COMES HOME, even. It’s an out-and-out blast. Sure, the opening, the origin story for the new Chucky, seemed a bit clumsy and rushed. But the performances, especially from Hamill and child actor Gabriel Bateman, are strong enough to cancel that out. And there are those who have argued that this new film is so radically different from the original CHILD’S PLAY that it ought not even to have been titled CHILD’S PLAY—and those people are right! The movie *is* that radically different. But I see that as a good thing. If you’re gonna do a remake that is just a carbon copy of the original, why bother? Just watch the original. If you’re gonna do something new, do something new. Which they did. New, fresh, and inventive.

The new CHILD’S PLAY is even better than the original. I may be rubbing the wrong way a lot of hardcore Horror marks with that statement, but I honestly did enjoy this new one more. And dare I say that this new iteration of Chucky would kick the ass of the original? Yes, I dare. I think he could even take Annabelle. Her evil essence is mostly stuck inside that creepy doll. With his ability to control electronic devices and media, the new Chucky can literally be anywhere.

The Evil Cheezman • July 16, 2019

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