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Movie Review: BIG LEGEND

This one slipped under my radar until this past week. I spotted a cheap copy in the DVD bin at Walmart and picked it up, not expecting much. I was wrong. I think it must be the title. Terrible title for this movie. I guess all the good ones were taken. WILLOW CREEK. ABOMINABLE. EXISTS. And the granddaddy of them all, THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK. There are dozens more, but I mention those films because they are the best, the cream of the crop of Bigfoot Horror movies. Did I forget to mention that BIG LEGEND is a killer Bigfoot movie? And it ranks right up there with those others mentioned as one of the finest I’ve seen. Highly recommended.

With the possible exception of EXISTS, BIG LEGEND gives us the nastiest cinematic Bigfoot I’ve seen on celluloid. It also offers a primary character who is immediately so likable and who so immediately captures the audience’s sympathies that when he goes on his quest for revenge, you’re actually sorta rooting for him against the Sasquatch. This one is like PREDATOR with a Bigfoot in place of an alien, or what you would expect if Rambo went into the woods with a score to settle with the big furry dude. With genre stars Lance Henriksen and Adrienne Barbeau in cameo roles. And a nasty-looking practical FX Bigfoot. (Which is a good thing.)

The Evil Cheezman • October 3, 2019

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