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Movie Review: AQUAMAN

No, we haven’t transitioned to a comic book-slash-general pop culture site; we still focus on lupine-related Horror and folklore. There’s a lot for the Horror and monster movie fan to love about AQUAMAN, though. Those humanoid, Lovecraftian fish creatures from down in the Trench are some nasty customers. There’s even a kaiju or two on display, and the cursed doll Annabelle has a cameo. (Look for her in the scene wherein Aquaman and Mera are retrieving her fishlike transport vehicle from storage; you’ll see her go floating past.) This little homage and those little touches aren’t surprising considering that James Wan, the guy responsible for the INSIDIOUS, SAW, and THE CONJURING franchises directed AQUAMAN. He said that he wanted to have his Horror movie “moment” with the latter, and he got it with the scene where the creatures from the Trench attack Aquaman and Mera. For a couple’a minutes there, AQUAMAN does become a Horror flick proper.

How about the rest of the movie? It’s crazy fun. Jason Momoa is surely in his element, but the cast overall is top-notch, including Amber Heard (who isn’t always) and even Dolph Lundgren. The storyline is tight, although my one minor complaint would be that certain elements seemed a little “compacted,” as if they were desperate to squeeze them into a certain timeframe. That scene where Black Manta’s father gives him the knife: It doesn’t make sense that Manta would have never heard that story before, or that his father would choose just that moment to tell it to him. I understand why they did it—they wanted to get that scene onscreen without doing a flashback—but it didn’t altogether work for me. (Black Manta, by the way, is one badass super baddie.) Visually the movie is a stunningly sumptuous epic and it should be experienced on the big screen.

Are you sold yet?

The Evil Cheezman • December 28, 2018

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