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After all the time spent in anticipation, all the buildup and the hype, could any movie possibly live up to my expectations? Was ANOTHER WOLFCOP worth the wait? Could it excel even its predecessor? The answers to those questions are hell yes, hell yes, and not quite, but it’s close, respectively. If you loved WOLFCOP you’ll love this one just as much. It’s the same tasty formula of bawdy humor, gore, and monster violence, only with the amounts of each increased. It is also a celebration of practical effects, without a pixel of CGI to be seen.

ANOTHER WOLFCOP finds the evil shapeshifting reptilians unleashing another plot to take over the small town of Woodhaven, this time by opening a brewery-slash-hockey arena. When the locals guzzle the hooch, “Chicken Milk Stout”, they become impregnated with little reptilian humanoids that eventually burst out of their stomachs ala ALIENS. It’s ridiculous fun, with the emphasis on fun. It’s POULTRYGEIST done right. There’s even a Franken-Terminator—named “Frank”—for Wolfcop to fight. (This last leads us to my only complaint with the film. After Wolfy gets his hairy ass kicked by Frank, there’s no rematch! Are they saving that for the next movie? Oh, and the Wolfmobile gets blown up, and I wanted to see it get refurbished and back on its wheels, but that’s not even enough of a gripe to mention. I mean, I did just mention it, but it’s no big deal.)

The commoner critics are hating on this one, unsurprisingly. Just stop talking, commoner critics. You’re only embarrassing yourselves at this point. It’s painfully obvious that you don’t “get” movies like this, but that’s okay. They aren’t made for you. And those of us for whom they ARE made couldn’t be happier.

Hurry up with that next WOLFCOP movie, guys! Don’t make us wait as long this time!

The Evil Cheezman • August 3, 2018

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