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I don’t consider myself the most “professional” of journalists. I’m an entertainer, first and foremost. Even so, if I’m going to write about a subject, I’m going to make sure before I put fingers to keyboard that I am at least rudimentarily familiar with the subject I am writing about. I don’t want to get caught with egg on my face by posting something false. Apparently this isn’t something that most entertainment “journalists” today worry about. Here is a perfect example. A guy with an obvious bias, savaging a film he probably hasn’t even seen (RAMBO: LAST BLOOD) and not even bothering to fact-check before he publishes his drivel.

“[The movie] is the fifth movie in the Sylvester Stallone-led franchise and practically everyone is hoping that it is the last.” Um, says who? Got any sources to back that up? “The film begins with the ageing soldier whiling away his twilight years, which are soon rudely interrupted when his adoptive granddaughter is kidnapped by a sex-trafficking ring in Mexico.” Twilight years? How old is this guy writing this, to think that 70 qualifies as “twilight years” these days? Oh, and she’s his adoptive niece, not his granddaughter. “David Morrell is a bestselling author whose debut novel First Blood was turned into the original film Rambo in 1982…” Actually that first movie was titled FIRST BLOOD. RAMBO was the sequel, subtitled FIRST BLOOD PART TWO. And the fourth film in the series was also titled RAMBO. That’s three strikes for inaccuracy. You’re out.

The Evil Cheezman • October 3, 2019

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