More Werewolf Webcomics!

You guys ask for it and here it is – more werewolf webcomics! You liked the post on the comic dream*scar, so I figured why not do an entire post on the various werewolf webcomics out there. Check it out:

(Click on the titles to see the comic)

Strays is about Meela, a young, orphaned lupian (a race of people with wolf-like features that can transform into wolves) who is struggling to survive on her own. A chance encounter teams her up with Feral, another lupian who happens to be a mute as well as one of the best mercenaries in the land, and who is not quite so welcoming of her forced company as she would like to believe. Fun, danger and plenty of humorous situations follow the two on their wayward adventures. When a taboo topic and a dark secret collide, it may unravel their already tattered lives and force each of them to face the reality of the truth.

Alpha Luna
Alpha Luna is about Luna, a 19 years old girl still in her last year of school, who just so happens to be a werewolf. In the beginning her only friend is the nerdy Collie. Life isn’t easy for Luna, she has to deal with Fang, a male werewolf who is tracking her down in order to become the new Alpha of a lost clan of Lycanthropes.

Paradigm Shift
This comic is about Kate McAllister, a detective in Chicago, who is thrown into the world of werewolves when she and her partner investigate a series of bizarre animal maulings. Kate then begins to develop strange symptoms and powerful, frightening abilities, and realizes she may know this beast better than she could possibly dream.

Sorcery 101
Sorcery 101 follows the life of Danny Gunn who is the former prince of Terra but is now a sorcerer-in-training. There’s a hell of a cast too, including his best friend Brad Wolfe (a werewolf), Brad’s wife Ally (an air mage and demon hunter) and their daughter Rebecca. It doesn’t end there, there are also vampires in this comic.

The War of the Winds
An epic fantasy webcomic about Talon. When Talon takes a ring from a dying woman’s hand, he finds himself granted near immortality from mortal wounds, while at the same time, he is dying faster than ever. He is then hunted by a mythical race of half-human, half-beasts called the “Ayenroki,” who claim guardianship of what he took.

Black Forest
This comic is about a young man who didn’t plan on being a werewolf but now is, he finds himself forced to live with his new pack – struggling as he learns more about them and their laws.

There are MANY more werewolf comics out there, but I’ll let you enjoy these first and write about the others another time.

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  1. thier’s a werewolf comic book it called wolf guy a manga about a werewolf and in japan so find it in love blackwerewolf

  2. i’m looking for a cretin webcomic that’s about a werewolf who’s put in a pen with others werewolves but he has a bloodlust that’s makes him controllable monster who will attack anyone and anything (i’ve read it on a site and when i wanted to read it again it vanished can’t remember the name too…)

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