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More Werewolf Beer, This Label From Brazil: Dancing Werewolves Are Delicious

“This raucous beer label by Sao Paulo’s Elefante Project Design popped up on The Dieline last week….”

Anyone here a fan of down-home Brazilian beer? If you are, and you’re fan of the furry things that howl in the moonlight then you’ll like collecting these awesome looking beer bottles. 

You ever get tired of running through forests, attacking and brutally ripping apart any living thing you find? Do you ever feel bored being a crazed death machine? Perhaps you should kick back, put on a nice pair of short shorts and sip an ice cold bottle of Brucuta, now in 3 different brews: Triple, Pale Ale, and Pilsner. There’s something for everyone in between monthly visits from your fuzzy little friend. Should you be living in Brazil or visiting, check out this beer, if not for the taste, you’ll have an awesome collector’s item. 

source: werewolf-news.com

annimi • April 7, 2015

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