More Updates for MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’

They’re releasing trailers now, yay! There are three, and MTV is very proud of its babies; the new videos are popping up all over the place, and they’re definitely hot. They give a sneak peek into what the werewolves of the new show ‘Teen Wolf’, will look like, as well as into the actors, and the show content. And unlike a lot of other videos that claim to be trailers, these TV spots don’t just modify one detail, and stay mostly the same; all three trailers are different, and we get to see a few different characters, and even learn a little bit about the plot. The main character isn’t really all that hot, but the dark and broody guy in one of them, is definitely a looker. And the girl is the third trailer is pretty hot too. Altogether, I have to say I’m impressed, and I hope the series lasts longer than The Gates, and the original Teen Wolf series, which sucked the big one.

You can watch the video on Zap2It, where they’ve got the details on the show’s latest news:

“Teen Wolf” is looking to stake (pun fully intended) a claim in the supernatural genre.

The network’s latest original series, which is their new take on the ’80s movie of the same name, is set to premiere right after the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, June 5. Tyler Posey stars as Scott McCall, a high school lacrosse player whose life is changed when he’s bitten by a wolf in the woods.

In the three short promos MTV released, you can get a taste of what this show’s wolves will look like — think sharp nails and teeth for starters. Unlike other werewolf fare currently on TV (“The Vampire Diaries” and “True Blood”), “Teen Wolf” won’t be using real wolves; These werewolves are Lycan and are still in human form.

Also appearing in the promos are Tyler HoechlinCrystal Reed and Colton Haynes. Hoechlin will play the werewolf responsible for changing Scott, Reed will play his love interest (whose dad happens to be a werewolf hunter, ruh-roh!) and Haynes will play the star lacrosse player/resident jerk.”

Incredibly bad pun, since it has to do with vampires anyway; duh. But hey, great news about the werewolves. Seriously, I’m very much concerned about the issue of using animals that are endangered to appear in shows as a cheap alternative to actually do your job as a production company, and paying someone decent to do effects. Ahem. Rant over. Although I have to say, I’m seriously in doubt over the transformation effects; they look a bit cheesy based on what’s in the trailers. What do you guys think? Am I being overly critical? Or do they effects seem to have a dash of Parmesan?


  1. We absolutely need to see a well-thougth storyline(like Vampire Diaries). It is a sine qua non. Another important thing that we should see and feel watching the show is the response they give to the question about “what do werewolves do?” I mean, this is going to determine whether will we watch a wolf pack conflicting with each other or with an amount of hunters who are just humans but nothing else… OR we’ll also see some vampires or other intresting characters that will be included to the cast, who have plans on something while werewolves do their owns. Anyways. It must be catchy! We want to see some vampires kicked by werewolves or you know something intriguing….

  2. I am still looking forward to this… while yet yearning for the original.

    but yes, story line! story liine!

  3. hello does anyone know when it is coming out on dvd? I love this series i like it better the micheal j foxses

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