More Teen Wolf Season 3 Casting News!

The Teen Wolf team just started filming their massive 24-episode Season 3, which means we finally have more casting news. A short while back we talked about the new Alpha leader in town, Deucalion, and now we have news on his pack of Alphas, as well as another newbie to the cast.

Ethan and Aidan
Will be played by Charlie and Max Carver
On werewolves Ethan and Aidan: “Young, handsome, but utterly menacing. They’re dangerous charmers. Ethan has a brilliant mind that he uses for devious calculation. Aidan is the simple brute force of the duo.”

Will be played by Felisha Terrell
Like the twins, she is also one of the wolves who invades Beacon Hills. Kali is the first (living) female alpha we’ve seen on the show. She is described as “ruthless and sexy.” According to Jeff Davis, she never wears shoes and fights using the claws on her feet. Kali is named after the Hindu goddess of empowerment, time and change.

Will be played by Adelaide Kane
Cora is said to be “a tough 17-year-old who has been on her own longer than any kid should” and that “She’s got some secret ties to the Beacon Hills werewolves.” She is also ““mysterious and raven-haired.”

That would be the latest casting news.

According to Davis, the plot in Season 3 will pick up four months after the events of the Season 2 finale, at the beginning of Scott McCall’s junior year of high school. He explained that the gap is designed to allow the characters to recover from the events of Season 2, to let them to get back to being normal teenagers again before the next supernatural threat manifests. And that threat would be – the new alphas in town.

What do you think of the newbies coming to the show?

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  1. I’m excited for season 3 of Teen Wolf and I can’t wait to see the new alpha wolf pack. I loved season 2 having Derek form his own wolf pack and Scott growing to be a better wolf then he was in season 1. I
    just hate that certain people are leaving the show like Gage and Colton because I think they did a great job in episodes raving, restraint and abomination.

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