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Last week I was talking about THE TERROR, the upcoming Horror miniseries from AMC, based on the novel by Dan Simmons. Which I read. And which I liked. More images from the forthcoming series have been released. What I really want to see, though, is the Monster! I know that’s not going to happen, but still, I can pine! Wait, I have an idea. Until such time as the Beast is revealed, I will instead use an image of the Wampa from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK as a stand-in, as the two creatures are not dissimilar. Likewise, the fabled Sheepsquatch of the Appalachian Mountains would suffice, were there any images of it; alas, there are none. The beast in THE TERROR doesn’t have horns, but otherwise the likeness is near-perfect.

Observations: Adam Nagaitis, the guy playing Cornelius Hickey, the story’s villain, doesn’t look nearly weasel-y enough. He needs to look degenerate, sleazy. It will be interesting to see how a show with only one female in the entire cast goes over with viewers. The PC jerk-offs may raise hell about it. (They could always show more women in flashback scenes, I suppose.) In the book, the only character I can say I really liked was the doctor. I wonder if I’ll care for them more in the series?

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The Evil Cheezman • March 4, 2018

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