More Negative Reviews for The Order: 1886 Make Us Really Sad

This PS4 game has focussed too much on the gorgeous visuals and not enough on the gameplay – which is far too dated

You know, I’m not prepared to just accept all this bad press on this game, but… I did pass up the chance to get it earlier today, decided to buy The Wolf Among Us for PS4 instead. First, because it was cheaper, and second because I have to admit, the bad reviews for the game are getting to me. I like a game I can investigate and take my time in. I don’t want to be dragged around by the nose, –and I’ve heard that this game has an even stricter storyline than the first Bioshock. 

Check out the video, read the review, and tell us what you think. If anyone out there has actually played the game, –anyone who isn’t on a media payroll who doesn’t necessarily make money by shitting all over new games, –then feel free to drop us a line. Me, especially, since I’m sort of the resident female video game lover. 

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