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More Dead Animals

Remember this report from last week? Sure you do. Something killed a bunch of cute little miniature horses and a dog in Monroe County, Kentucky. The identity of the perpetrator has yet to be conclusively determined—but it has struck again. According to the local news stations, there are scars from bite marks on a cow, since recovered, that may have been caused by the same animal, or a similar one. Also a calf was attacked, killed, and partially devoured on September 14.

Interestingly enough, experts with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife concluded that those little horses were not killed by a predator. But what about the dog? Did they just forget about the dog? And are we to believe those horses committed suicide? This smells of conspiracy! A cover-up! The Sheriff of Monroe County, Dale Ford, agrees. At least he maintains that the animals WERE killed by a large predator. He stops short of accusing the Department of Fish and Wildlife of taking part in a cover-up. Neither will I accuse them; I’m saying only that it *appears* suspicious.

“These animals were not shot and they were not stabbed by a knife. They were mauled. They were killed by some kind of big, vicious animal that is deadly,” said Ford. But the experts are adamant that mountain lions are extinct in the area. Local hunters say that, if a big cat *were* in the area, it wouldn’t have to resort to killing livestock, as deer are so populous and easier to catch. If not a mountain lion, then, what is doing the killing?

The Evil Cheezman • October 5, 2018

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