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More CHUD!

This is a cause for celebration. For me, it is, and it should be for you as well. Even those of you who may never have seen the gloriously shlocky 80s Horror flick CHUD. Oh, sorry. That should be “C.H.U.D.” with the periods in place after the letters. C.H.U.D. is an acronym for “Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers.” Alternately, it means “Contamination Hazard Urban Disposal.” This tells you the plot of the film. The government was dumping toxic waste in the sewers of New York City, and this radioactive contaminant caused the homeless people living in those sewers to mutate (just like the Ninja Turtles!), becoming cannibalistic monsters. And “they aren’t staying down there anymore!” as the movie’s tagline warned us. It’s a hoot.

Fans have been waiting years for a remake or reboot that has never come. As we continue to wait, we can revisit the world of CHUD with a new anthology book coming from Crystal Lake Publishing, with some big name Sci-Fi and Horror writers contributing short stories to the effort; you can pre-order your copy here. And if you get it as an ebook, there are some cool links included that’ll take you to special behind-the-scenes photographs and content from the movie.

The Evil Cheezman • April 12, 2018

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