Moonwatch, A Must Have for the Werewolf on the Go

Nothing could be worse than being an absent minded werewolf.
Think about it, for 30 days of the month you just go about your business without a care in the world… until that night. Yeah you know that night, the inevitable full moon that you know always comes but still manages to catch you by surprise.
Well worry no more my lupine friends for thanks to the creative minds at The Emotion Lab you never have to worry about keeping track of the full moon again thanks to their newest creation, the Moonwatch.
According to The Emotion Lab:
Moonwatch has been designed to establish a relationship between the moon cycle and a person’s emotional states. It’s a new concept of time based on nature which invites people to reflect upon and gain a closer understanding of their mood and daily life on earth.
The Moonwatch follows the lunar month, waxing and waning with the phases of the moon. The watch’s sleek design makes it not only a must have for any werewolf but also one heck of a snazzy fashion accessory. Though not yet available The Emotion Lab is currently in negotiations to market the Moonwatch so keep an eye out for it.
According to their website:
The Emotion Lab is a passionate industrial design studio founded by four up and coming designers from three distinct continents. With our unique multicultural perspective stemming from such diverse experiences, traditions and approaches, we offer a simple, honest and functional approach to design, centred on the generation of rich, lasting emotions. Our ideas respond to a deep observation of human behaviour and as a result we find solutions based on the present and future emotional needs of the user.


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