Moon Myths: Part 2

More moon myths! You guys loved the first edition of Moon Myths, so I am giving you a second post to enjoy. Here are more of the old superstitions surrounding the moon.

  • It was believed that a waning moon was bad luck and that it was a horrible time for births and weddings.
  • It was also thought that anything cut during the waning moon wouldn’t grow again, including hair and fingernails.
  • In spite of all the bad luck people thought the waning moon caused, they did believe it was a good time for moving house, blood letting, picking fruit and stuffing a feather mattress.
  • If a child was born during the time between cycles when there was no moon in the sky then the child would amount to nothing in life. An ancient English proverb warns – “No moon, no man.”
  • The period following directly after the new moon was the most important. An ancient English tradition speaks on the meaning of the ten days following the new moon:

Day one: Ideal for births and new projects, but bad for those who fall ill.
Day two: Ideal for business matters, seas voyages and sowing seeds.
Day three: An inauspicious day for most undertakings.
Day four: Ideal for construction projects and for the birth of politicians.
Day five: Ideal for conception and the model for the month’s weather.
Day six: Ideal for hunting and fishing.
Day seven: The best day for new lovers to meet.
Day eight: The worst day to fall ill, as the illness may be fatal.
Day nine: A day to avoid moonlight on the face, lest insanity follow.
Day ten: A day for the birth of restless souls.

  • The moon was believed to predict the weather as well. If two new lunar months fall in the same calendar month then extremely bad weather is sure to follow, like flooding and extreme catastrophes.  A halo around the moon warns of rain, and a full moon on Christmas means there will be a poor harvest in the following year.
  • It was said that blowing on one’s warts in the light of the full moon would cure them.
  • It was believed that the eclipse was an omen of death.

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