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Moon Myths: Part 1

What is the best known myth about the full moon? That it triggers a werewolf’s transformation of course. But that’s not the only moon myth out there, back in day people believed all sorts of strange things about the moon. So today we’re going to take a little break from the werewolf lore and explore some of those other moon superstitions.

  • One of the oldest moon myths is that if you stare at the moon for too long you’ll become a lunatic and every full moon thereafter will send you into fits of insanity.
  • In some ancient cultures, young girls were warned against sleeping in the moonlight, lest they become “moonstruck” and attract monsters.
  • Some believe that moonlight shining into one’s bedroom will bring bad luck. It is said that if you greet the moon with a polite curtsy or bow it will ward off the ill luck, and you may even be granted a wish.
  • Another well known belief is that witches and sorcerers will “draw down the moon” to use its power for their spells.
  • It was believed the waxing of a new moon it the best time for lovers to divine their future, the best time to begin a new journey or business venture, and the best time for farmers to plant their crops (except runner beans, which are sown at the wane). This is also the best time to hold wedding and to have a baby. That’s not all though – livestock slaughtered when the moon is waxing is said to give better meat.
  • Bowing to the new moon and turning over silver coins in your pocket was believed to double the amount of money by the end of the next cycle.
  • If in company, the first person to see the new moon should kiss one of their companions right away, for if they do so they may expect a gift in the near future. But! The new moon should not be seen for the first time through glass (eye glasses are ok) or through the branches of a tree – for this is a bad omen. The best way to see it is in the open air via a glance over the right shoulder (in which case a wish may be made).
  • Pointing at the moon was believed to insult the man in the moon, and if you did point you would be banned from heaven.
  • To see visions of your future lover, say this to the first full moon of the year, “All hail to thee, moon, all hail to thee, I prithee kind moon, reveal to me, Him/Her who is my life partner to be.” If all goes well you will see your future love in your dreams.

Believe it or not dear readers, but those are only a few of the moon myths out there. There are WAY more, but I’ll save them for next time.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • September 14, 2010

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