We knew that Oscar Isaac was going to be playing the lead in the new Marvel series MOON KNIGHT for Disney’s streaming service (although it has yet to be “officially” confirmed), and now we know that Ethan Hawke has signed on to play the big bad. We don’t know which villain he’ll be portraying, though. Moonie’s best-known villain, the Joker to his Batman, is Bushman, but in the comics Bushman is a black dude; also he lacks the screen presence of a character like the Joker. So I doubt this is the character Hawke will be playing, not unless they make some big changes.

It bears noting that, in the comics, Moon Knight originally had superhuman strength that he gained after being bitten in a fight with Werewolf-by-Night.

In other comics news, after the short-lived but excellent SWAMP THING series aired on the CW this past fall, there was some hope that the network might order a second season. Alas, the bigwigs at the CW say that isn’t likely, although Swamp Thing might show up in LEGENDS OF TOMORROW at some point. If so, hopefully Kevin Durand’s Floronic Man will follow him. We only got to see the Floronic Man (a villain with way more personality than Bushman) for a moment at the very end of the series, so he deserves some screen time.

By The Evil Cheezman

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