Monster Squad Remake – Gasp!

Just try to hold it in, guys. No matter how badly you might be struggling against the Hollywood remake machine, just try to keep in mind, –it’s not like you can never watch the original, ever again. They’re just delivering a fresh perspective on an old story. It might suck, but hey, at least we know they’re working with cool subject matter. Brad Fuller, one of the guys from the Platinum Dunes production team, has assured us that he’s using the original film as the blueprint; the story is still basically the same. Monster squad is formed by the neighborhood kids, then the monsters show up.

What he hasn’t made a statement on, is whether or not we can expect the same monsters. But we’re not worried; how can you make any classic monster movie, with a bunch of monsters, and not include a werewolf? You can’t, it’s just not feasible. Fuller is still working on hiring some screenwriters, to get down to business, and start putting the meat on this movie’s bones. In a short interview with Shock Til You Drop, he describes some of his plans:

“[Fuller] maintained, “We’re definitely using the original film as a blueprint and love the fun parts of it. We have three or four different takes, some stick closely to the original – others are going to be a bit different. It’s about sitting down with Rob Cohen and the studio and figuring out which storyline we’re going to go with. But I can tell you all of the story lines, whereas Friday the 13th isn’t like the original, this will be close to the original. It’s about a group of kids who have a monster squad, monsters come to their town and they’ve got to figure it out.””

Well, some parts should be different, –in fact, it should be as different as possible, –that way we can get that whole expectancy thing killed right away. When the film is finally released, plenty of people will be expecting a brighter, shinier version of the original, –it’s best to kill those thoughts right away, and move on with the film. The more originality, the better.


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