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Monster Map Part Two

I’ve written before about a state-by-state map of the monsters of the USA I came across online. I complained about the map making the wrong choices for Alabama—it should have been the White Thing—West Virginia—it should have been Mothman—and Wisconsin. The latter had the Hodag as the State’s Monster and I argued that it should be the Beast of Bray Road instead. I have, since that article was written, encountered the Hodag, so I have to partially amend my earlier remarks. The Hodag is equally deserving of the status as the Bray Road Beast.

Anyway, I found another such map, similar but different. This one is far more flawed, although in fairness it never said that it was supposed to feature the most prominent monsters from every single state. Alabama and Wisconsin aren’t featured at all on this map. Tennessee is given the Wampus Cat, but I would argue that the Wampus Cat—which is supposed to have six legs and stand on its two hind ones, according to Cherokee legend—has its origin in my home state of Alabama, the same as the White Thing. There are at least a few werewolfish monsters featured, though, the Shunka Warakin for Montana and the Chupacabra for southern Texas. And plenty of Bigfoot.

The Evil Cheezman • March 13, 2020

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