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Missin’ Out On PRIMAL RAGE

Man, this movie looks positively sick! PRIMAL RAGE was released to theaters for one night only, Tuesday February 27th. And I missed it. I had a previous commitment that I couldn’t renegotiate. Now, sadly, I’ll have to wait for the video release. (Unless they do like they did with JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 and release it directly to SyFy, which would be okay with me.) A killer Bigfoot movie, any killer Bigfoot movie, is always going to be of interest to me, but this one looks like it might be epic. Check out that creature!

Here’s the official synopsis: “PRIMAL RAGE follows Ashley (Casey Gagliardi) and Max Carr (Andrew Joseph Montgomery) as they, lost deep in the forest, are stalked by a terrifying creature that just might be Bigfoot. Soon, they find themselves embroiled in a strange land of Native American myth and legend turned all too real. Hopelessly trying to survive, with a handful of unsavory locals, they must fight against the monster in a desperate battle of life or death.” Ah, yes. There are always unsavory locals, aren’t there? But that just means more potential victims for the monster. I hope this one gets released to video sooner than soon.

The Evil Cheezman • March 9, 2018

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