Mini-Biography: Tyler Lockwood, Werewolf Candidate

Tyler Lockwood is as much a part of Mystic Falls as any other member of the ‘Founding Families’. The Founding Families are, well, exactly what they sound like; the ancestors responsible for founding Mystic Falls, as screwy and weird as the place is. The families who founded the town were steeped in secrecy, and at one point, vampires were a common problem that everyone recognized and dealt with. The Lockwoods, the Forbes’, the Gilberts, and the Salvatores, are the most prominent families on the Council.

The Council is the secret society dedicated to protecting Mystic Falls from vampires, and possibly, other supernatural entities. In the book series, Tyler Lockwood is a werewolf. It was recently revealed that werewolves would soon join the supernatural characters in the television show, around the end of season 1, or possibly, the beginning of season 2. Either way, the frontrunner for the position of ‘local werewolf’, is Tyler Lockwood. Tyler grew up in Mystic Falls, and he’s everything an upper crust, small town jock should be.

He’s the son of Mayor Lockwood, a harsh, domineering man whose business persona is as successful as his fatherly persona is not, –and you may toss in the husband figure down there on his list of failures too. Not only is he constantly flirting, but there’s always a hint of an affair right around the edges, –and his wife isn’t exactly mother of the year, or the poster-girl for loyalty either, for that matter.

Tyler Lockwood is on the football team, performs fairly well in school, and seems like the type of guy who could get any cheerleader he wanted. And yet, he chose Vickie Donovan, the essential ‘girl from the wrong side of the tracks.’ When Vickie flipped out, turned into a vampire, and was secretly killed by Stefan Salvatore, she disappeared. Tyler never seemed too broken up about it, but maybe only because Vickie seemed to be more interested in younger, edgier Jeremy Gilbert, whose feelings seemed more genuine. Tyler’s rocky romance with Vickie was deeply troublesome, because of his parents’ disapproval.

Tyler’s aggression seems to grow as the series progresses; he comes close to fighting Jeremy several times before the two get into a full fledged fist-fight at a football game. Also the game where history teacher/football coach Mr. Tanner is killed by Damon Salvatore. Despite Jeremy’s attempts to make peace later on, Tyler punches him in the face, –though he immediately regrets it, he makes no move to rectify the situation. A more recent example of Tyler’s tendency towards violence can be found in Episode 18, when Matt finds him making out with Kelly, Matt’s mother.

Matt punches Tyler, and the two go down; Tyler quickly gains the upper hand, and begins ruthlessly beating his own best friend. Though Alaric Saltzman, the new history teacher and resident mystery man intent on revenge, –tries to pry them apart, Mayor Lockwood takes control, and sends Tyler to get cleaned up. Later, Mayor Lockwood catches Tyler alone. Tyler tries to explain, but his fathers slaps him hard across the face, and warns him not to embarrass the family again.

Tyler out of control aggression, raging animosity, and seemingly uncontrollable sexual urges make him a prime candidate for werewolf-ism. Plus, there’s the whole thing with his father, obviously a lot of bottled up aggression there. I predict Tyler’s character becoming much more important in the second season, perhaps even late in the first season; maybe some big revelation during the last episode. Something to torture us until the premier of season 2. Either way, I’m stoked to see a werewolf join the cast!


  1. He’s definitely sexy enough to be a werewolf, that’s for sure. Hell he could roll up in a penguin costume and still rock my socks. Haha, gotta love Michael Trevino. <3

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