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Michigan men lay claim to TEEN WOLF

The pair, both from Genesee County, are makeup special effects artists on the MTV “Teen Wolf” series, now spending their days turning young actors into savage-yet-sexy wolf people.

In Genesee County, Michigan, they love their “local boys done good.” Erik Porn (poor guy, stuck with that last name; he got teased a lot in middle school), in his mid-thirties, and Chris Gallaher, in his early forties, both hail from the same region, although they never knew each other despite their shared interests in make-up effects and monster movies. They met for first time once they started working at the FX studio ALMOST HUMAN, and now they are tag-team partners on the MTV series TEEN WOLF. Both admit to having a grand time with it.

Having seen the show, it is of course impossible to know which sequences Porn and Gallaher created and which are the product of some other technician. Since most of the FX on the show are pretty spiffy, though—the practical make-up effects are far superior to the CGI-assisted transformation sequences, as is typically the case—it is safe to say the guys do good work. I’m a fan of Almost Human from back when they handled duties on TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, so it’s great to see them keeping busy on cool projects like horny teenage werewolves.

source: www.mlive.com


The Evil Cheezman • September 17, 2015

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