Mattel & Cupco are Making Monster Dolls

Few things are more frightening than the idea of a child taking Michael Jackson to bed every night; but in this case, it’s not his withered decomposing corpse, it’s a Thriller werewolf plushy doll! That’s right kids, Cupco is now selling Michael Jackson werewolf plushies, for the low low price of… holy shit, this person sells these things for almost $50?! Well, you know, for the desperate fans, I can definitely see the appeal, but I certainly wouldn’t be snagging this hot little item for any of my kids to drool on, and lose under the bed, also known as the ‘Plushy Cemetery.”

A toy line destined to be an even greater hit with kids and ‘tweens, is Mattel’s new ‘Monster High’ doll series. They plan to make old classic monsters in their pubescent years, like Frankenstein’s Monster, Dracula, and please oh please oh please, -a wolfman! I mean, there just -has- to be a werewolf in there. The article I found doesn’t mention it, but… well, it just has to be there. We’re getting in touch with Mattel Inc. to see if we can squeeze any more details about these wicked dollies, out of their HR department. So far, the details are pretty vague:

“With vampires and werewolves all the rage among the ‘tween crowd (think Team Edward/Jacob paraphernalia), it’s no surprise that Mattel, Inc. (MAT) is preparing to launch its own gothic toy franchise for girls too old for the core Barbie line. More specifically, “Monster High” — which the company has described as a hybrid of Grease and The Addams Family — is based on the teenage children of monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, and Medusa, and will include dolls, books, a website, Halloween costumes, and even a Universal Studios movie.”

First off, all I have to say is, –who the hell gets too old for Barbie?!! Second, the line sounds just beyond awesome. I’m an avid follower of the Living Dead Dolls collection, and basically, any creepy girl thing that can be collected, so I’m pretty excited about a more affordable doll line. Mattel isn’t known for being ridiculously expensive where their dolls are concerned; something to look forward to, in the creepy toy market!

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