Matt Bomer is Anne Rices Inspiration

 Writer Anne Rice says she had actor Matt Bomer in mind while working on her latest novel, The Wolf Gift, and would like him to play the lead if a film version is made, in an interview with Good Morni (@Bestofjoyc7 No mi niña, solo anoche me…

the night desk’s insight:
The awesome Anne Rice has definitely picked the perfect guy to play this role. She’s expressed that she had him in mind as she was giving life to this new beloved character. I think he’s perfect… ok, truth be told, I think Matt Bomer would be perfect for just about anything. When someone as brilliant and gifted as Anne Rice says he’s perfect for the role, no one should challenge that. This will be amazing to see on the big screen. What are some other Wolf Gift characters you would like to see filled by specific people and who?

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