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Marvel Comics’ GHOST PANTHER

This character may or may not get his own comic book. I hope he does. Out of all the character mash-ups that have been released as of late as part of the Marvel Comics “Who Gets Warped?” line, Ghost Panther is my favorite and by far the most interesting to me.

(The others thus far are Arachknight–Spider-Man and Moon Knight; Iron Hammer–Iron Man and Thor; Weapon Hex–X-23 and Scarlet Witch; and Soldier Supreme–Captain America and Dr. Strange.)

Ghost Panther is a combination of Ghost Rider and the Black Panther. I don’t always care for the artwork of Humberto Ramos, as he often goes too far “stylizing” his work to the point of cartoonish-ness, but these pictures are purdy damn sweet.

There’s an element of the supernatural to Black Panther anyway, so it would be relatively easy, from a storytelling standpoint, to link him to the Spirit of Vengeance. I can’t help wondering, though, exactly which of the 44 Ghost Riders currently existing in the Marvel Universe went into the mix for Ghost Panther. I would hope for the original, the one who possesses Johnny Blaze. I don’t have a problem with the new “forced diversity” Ghost Rider being a Latino, but why couldn’t it be the same ENTITY possessing him?!

I’m getting off the topic. My comic book nerdiness is showing. So. Ghost Panther. He looks rad. I hope he gets his own book. That is all.

The Evil Cheezman • July 6, 2018

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