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Man or Beast?

Let’s do some cool visual stuff, a’ight? Starting with this video. Just watch it and prepare to be awed. (If you try to cut out the middleman and go directly to YouTube to view it, be prepared to sign in to prove you are of legal age. Not that anyone who is NOT of legal age should be viewing it. I just don’t like the hassle. I figure you don’t either.) This beast is in actuality a bevy of beautifully-rendered babes. (I’m not sure if three people constitutes a “bevy” or not, but “trio” didn’t provide the alliteration I wanted.) The living sculpture, as we will call it, is the creation of bodypainting artist Johannes Stötter. Check out a gallery of his work on his website. Those illusions are mind-blowing, aren’t they?

Next, check this out. It’s one of those Rorschach-kinda tests where it can reveal everything there is to know about your personality and your secret self. Right? Right. As much as I’d love to say that I saw the wolf first, the first animal I saw was actually the eagle. So what does that say about me? According to the site: “A regal creature meant to fly high, the eagle is sharp yet elegant. If you spotted an eagle first, you are focused and precise in your approach and you leave nothing to chance. You carry yourself with a noble confidence as you have no time for drama and other petty things of life. You are brave and unafraid to fly into the unknown alone.” Hey, that’s all true—except for the focused and precise part. That’s not me at all. But regal, elegant, unafraid, and noble? I’ll take it.

The Evil Cheezman • November 27, 2018

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