Making A Deal with Darkness

firewereThere are multiple ways for someone to become a werewolf and this post is about one of those methods. It involves an ancient ritual that is believed to have been used long ago by those that wanted to shift into a wolf.

There is an ancient text then describes this mysterious ritual, a ritual meant for a magician that desperately wants to shapeshift. The text tells the magician to wait until the full moon, then it says to do this…

“Draw two concentric circles on the ground, one six feet in diameter, the other 14 feet in diameter. Build a fire in the center of the inner circle and place a tripod over the flames. Suspend from the tripod an iron pot full of water. Bring the water to a full boil and throw into the pot a handful of aloe, hemlock, poppy seed, and nightshade. As the ingredients are being stirred in the iron pot, call aloud to the spirits of the hateful, and the spirits of the werewolves and satyrs.”

Once the summons for the various spirits of darkness have been yelled into the shadows of the night, the person who is performing this ritual should then strip off their clothes, smear their body with the fat of a freshly killed animal (gross) that has been mixed with anise, camphor and opium. The next step is to take the wolfskin they have brought with them, wrap it around their middle like a loincloth, then kneel down at the boundaries of the large circle and remain like that until the fire has died down. After that the powers of darkness will make their presence known to the magician.

If the magician has done everything correctly the powers of darkness will let themselves be known by shrieking and groaning loudly.  If this person stays and isn’t scared away by the sounds then the dark forces will manifest themselves into a number of forms, most likely one of a horrifying half human, half monster.  Then, once it has a solid form it will make a deal with the magician. With the help of the dark spirits the magician is then able to turn into a werewolf whenever he wears his wolfskin loincloth.

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  1. me and my friend actually did the circles and we heard voices….and we started on the pot thing but we heard a loud scream….so we ran off….that was really creepy

    1. I am fairly certain that spell is from a book by Elliot O’Donnell, a scholar/researcher who wrote “The Book Of Werewolves” The full spell is much longer, and you are basically asking to become an enemy of mankind. There is no known counter spell, or way to reverse this spell. If it works, this is a binding contract in the full sense of a Faustian bargain. there is no going back if you make a commitment. Once you cross that line, and take a human life in that form, there will be no return to innocence again… Go through some doors, and there will be no known way back to life as you once knew it.

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