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gridMThrough out time there has been an assortment of stories on how a person becomes a werewolf. Sometimes it’s a curse caused by a single bite, sometimes punishment brought on by a God’s wrath, or by what today’s post is about, a spell.

So back in the day, like, way back during the Middle Ages people were big on trying to harness the powers of nature. Belief in the supernatural was common between everyone and whether caused by God, demons, or natural forces – magic and alchemy were widely explored. This part you have probably already learned from Harry Potter, but back then spell books were known as “grimoires,” and they were usually devoted to black magic.

The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage by Abraham the Jew (that’s the title he went by, not something I just threw in “oh and he’s a Jew”) was written in 1458, then translated in 1898 by S.L. MacGregor-Mathers. In this book is a description on a long and complicated ritual. This ceremony is designed to evoke the Holy Guardian Angel, after that the magician will gain the power to control the hierarchy of demons. He is then able to use these demons for many reasons, like transforming from man to wolf. Wicked.

This transformation was achieved by writing the square on a piece of paper (like the one pictured on the left), showing it the man, and suddenly bringing it into contact with his body. The transformation will happen right away. However, the grimoire cautions us that what is shown is an illusion. To return the wolf to human form, the magician places the square on the wolf’s head and hits it with his wand (ouch).

Now other than a cool party trick, it’s hard to see how this is of any use. Unless somehow new strength and power is also mixed into the spell, causing the transformation to be more.

There you have it. A real spell from an ancient book. A spell that is said to be real but I’ll leave you to believe it or not.

– Moonlight

By moonlight

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  1. i love were wolfs they are awesome but were wolfs are very dangres but i want to be one of there kind its a gift if you are one

  2. reely they are reel a lot of animals are dangres but a were wolf is reely rare if you can catch one you can sel it for thowsends but to not go near one or they will kill you iv almoust been killed by one

  3. i have hated the night time never could see in the dark my hearing was so bad but now after i had one dream of a black wolf showing me the way aroun these strang trees after i woke up my bed sheets were torn up i was swetting. at school for lunch we had hambrurgers one my frinds and mine were bloody raw i ate it like it was cooked what do guys think is happening to me? i did do this werewolf spell are these supost to happed

  4. Werewolf’s are real and you can not drought that! I am one. I have become one from birth I was born one! It hurts at firs but ends feeling warm! Become one if you dare THERE IS NO GOING BACK!!!

    1. I know you have countless people asking you this by now, but how would you become a were? I am well aware of the concepts/consequences. Please, help me?

  5. Werewolves are real! if you don’t believe me ask your self how the hell did people back in the day know that they look like, eat, die from, how painful it is to change, and how they come up with the full moon? They are real but really good at hiding. f.y.i. I did a spell and in my dreams I shifted and killed people next day blood one my mouth and hands, went for a walk every dog I seen showed me it belly. And no werewolves do NOT have powers! Some signs of being a werewolf is your eye sight and hearing is extremely better then anyone human, you’ll have craving for raw/ bloody meat, you’ll get mad easier, and you might mark someone/thing your by always have your sent on it or when others are around you’ll have the other person (your person) so close you look like your dating them, and when you can see the moon easy you look at your reflection your eye are different color. That was a few signs, if you said ~that’s me~ to three of them, you might be a werewolf.

  6. hey i tried another werewolf spell and i have 3 of the syptoms
    – headaches
    – fangs sharper
    – jaws aching
    – eyes changed a hazel-like colour
    they are only syptoms i have and people thing im crazy

  7. Im am a werewolf and i tested a werewolf spell
    it said i would have a dream about a wolf and i did only differant
    after that i had a vision that I destroyed my home and a wolf showed into a forest and i followed….

      1. sorry I’ve only just noticed this message so the spell was

        by the lights of the moon,
        and our piercing howls, we are further transformed into cunning beasts,
        to the circle of life , to the evolution of man,
        I shall be rewakened as one with the land.

  8. I really wouldn’t wanna deal with demons or being whacked in the head. No thanks , I will take this other spell I have , it’s simple. Makes you a regular wolf.

  9. I am a werewolf I have been for a year. I tell you though it is hard at first I almost killed my best friend. She is an actual vampire , I was sleeping I woke up and I was hot and sweaty I looked at my hands and they were all hairy and I was hungry I attacked she bit me.

    1. I believe that to be a wolf is a state of mined if u look back in time wolves are look as loyal wise strong and Honorable if u live by those aspects then u r a wolf amongst sheep

  10. Hi guys I have tried this and it works I had a dream I was walking home and I went through this forest and I saw a black wolf it lead me to this cave were all his/her wolf pack was hiding and they were doing this ritual on me. I woke up sweating and my whole bed was torn up I use to be slow fat not athletic not strong now I’m strong I slammed my hand on my brand new table and it broke I use to weigh 400pounds now I only weigh 120pounds I can run at high speed my fangs got big my jaw hurts I get mad to fast someone help!!

  11. Just because u say u r one just proves that ur not u think for one second that a pack master would approve of u outing the rest ud be putting them all in harms way…think about that u would be punished with no mercy dead or exiled for putting others at risk

  12. Yes Alexis it would like any thing the most likely responds would be threw aggression as a human u have an ability to understand and comply with what’s around u as a beast ur mind is not of ur own it is of the beast ur inhabited with only basic needs sex blood and thrill of the hunt

  13. I wish I was a wolf it seems like I am I see well in darkness I love meat can’t stop eating I die for food I.. Really hope I am ;( cries I may be a bitch or a fucking crazy bitch about being one of a hell werewolf btw werewolves are (not) reall ducking wolves are sooty for the words

    1. Im anonymous I know but please take my advice…do not go searching for werewolves. Im a girl. People always thought I was weird. I never spoke in school. And even before I hit puberty my body was extremely hairy. Its strange. I dont sleep at night because I feel most alive then. I sleep all day. Im usually quiet until people piss me off. I got mad one day at my brother and threw the entire dining room table across the kitchen into the living room. I weigh 100lb exactly. I eat like a 500lb man but I never gain weight or lose it. My body stopped developing at age 11 when the sclera (white part) of my eyes turned dark blue and my eyes a chocolate brown from light brown. My hair is naturally changing colors halfway down the strands. Black at the top and auburn towards the bottom. I never looked for a werewolf. A lot of horrible things have happened to me thought. I think It just happens by getting to know yourself. Its something within. I was always alone. Crying. Begging whatever god that created us to help ease my pain. And I guess I got an answer. I have done spells but not usually for myself. Im sort of a cross between a wiccan and just someone who loves the earth. I know im different. I feel it. I have strange dreams. Im native American mixed. My mom never met her mom or dad. They may have given her away. Somehow she came to be with the woman I call grandma. I think what I have is hereditary…if anyone can help me find something please respond. I dont know what yet but I know something is missing. Anyway, dont go searching for werewolves.. the ability to change is inside.

  14. I have all ways been a werewolf Once we were having chicken i realized that it was bloody raw it looked so tasty i can t help my self i eat half of it be four my mum realized she grabbed it off me and cooked it i liked it better when it was raw and bloody i didn’t even fell sick. and my spine sticks out of my back i never sweat when i run and always fell like biting and eating all the time. in saying that i did bite my brother but i just bit him i did t turn him in to one but i know how you just picture him/her a werewolf and bite pretty simple. I also have very sharp teeth once I bit my arm and it turned red it took 2 hours to fade away i all ways have smelled very well i have hazel eyes and can never sleep at night and i love running on 4 legs and i can howl very well what the hell is happing to me. this is 100% true

  15. ok im just making sure i got this right you take a square piece of paper draw all those little letters in it and put it to your body. Is it really that simple? i will try it but i dont think its gonna work and what does showing it the man mean

  16. I have seen a werewolf sense I was 10 I am 13now and this is not the life I would’ve chosen. (Ps we live a long time I am not actually 13 if u want to know my age just add a one to 13

  17. I want to be a wolf sooooooo badly I’ve searched for spells and chants and so many other things bit nothings worked plz give me a spell or chant or what ever u think will plz I’ve been searching for like half my life so that’s like five human years and like 32 dog years (counting by 7) my sisters ray and Lea both want to be 1 2 but Manley I want to be a wolf soooooooooooo badly so plz help!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. P.s.plz only comment if u turn into a full blown wolf(I don’t have anything against the half human and half wolf creatures I just don’t want to freak out or scare some 1)(no offence)

      1. Another name for wolves or werewolves (expeshally pups) is children of the night at least that what my bffs say and btw non of them are we’re wolves or at least they haven’t told me if they r any ways we all want 2 be 1 so plz make our dreams come true soon

  18. I want to be a werewolf and be in a werewolf pack I don’t care if im not alpha but I don’t want to be omega

  19. Hello yasmine I’m very interested in this more than you know. You drew the image with letters on a piece of paper as above and applied it to your body and it worked. I’m just asking cause going to try it and getting an opinion doesn’t hurt.

  20. I really want to be a werewolf iv’e tried so many times but nothing works can somone help me or give me advice? :(

    — ceej

    1. Ceej, I advice you don’t try to become one of us through bites. If it goes wrong you’ll die. Seek an elder, try find an ‘witch’ or an ‘enchanter’ they may help but you never know.

    2. eve you want to be a werewolf you mast concentrate on you mind,my name is kevo addy sharrif,thank-you

  21. I want to be a werewolf so bad and iv’e tried so many spells but nothing works :( can someone help me… or atleast give me some advice?

    — Ceej

    1. have you tried it on a full moon night.you half to do it on a full moon and look at the moon while you 10 times spell and stand there for 10 seconds if that don’t work your not supposed to be a werewolf

  22. all of your spells are nothing just believe in allah that he created the humans in a good forme , with a mind able to thik , please try to read quran and you will regret that what you’re doing is tottaly wrong , salam alaykom

    1. man alah isnt real i mean u got no proof secondly ur religion was inpired by christianism and 1 more religion i think so dont tell this stuff to other people like bealive in alah and shit if u want to bealive to allah do it but dont bother others

  23. None of you guys know anything about werewolfs….see i may it may not be a werewolf,but everyone knows you can’t do magic unless your a witch and I know a couple .. But you need to contact the witch spirits first before anything … So PEACE

  24. You know what pisses me off so bad? When ignorant people sitting on some couch watching NBA and how Kobe broke Jordan’s record and go online and say some really stupid sh*t like werewolves or vampires or demons or whatever doesn’t exist.. if you’re one of those folks just to let you know that these creatures been listed in books thousands years ago and I’d think you’re a retard if you think its kind of coincidence. These things are real and just because you’re in your home which is your safe zone not seeing anything beyond your zone doesn’t mean they’re not here. No Im not saying Im one or anything but I searched on that topic because I have a real anger aggressiveness issues and pain issues, when I was a lil kid boys used to bully me and my parents didn’t even want me to come to this world, they even divorced, nobody ever appreciate shit I do, my grand parents hate me, people critic me because of my shitty personality that I don’t like anybody (including you) all of that bullshit made me a beast literally, that day I was fighting with my mom and then I went to the woods nearby and I was completely out of mind I was planning to just stay there and not comeback to no house. That night I was scared lonely with no flash no food, only a bottle of water and a knife. I was sitting on a lil hill when I heard that noise coming from a bush. No it wasn’t a werewolf or anything it was some kind of animals I believe raccoon but there was no light at all so Im just assuming, anyways that animal didn’t see me at first and I thought of hunting it down for meat because I was really hungry and then he saw me and ran away so I followed him and I end up with its blood on my teeth.. I never seen myself that aggressive to hunt an animal with no gun just my speed and a knife.. that day literally I was scared of myself that I went to the house real quick and never came back to the woods. I asked people on that incident and said its a demon possession when you’re 10X better, faster, and stronger that’s most likely a demon is possessing you, you didn’t see how I was when the animal’s blood were in my mouth I was a complete monster and to let you know Im 17 not some foolish 12 year old kid complaining about how to be a werewolf or any shit like this, I know deep in myself that I am a beast no matter what you name it I could literally live on some animals, all of the hate people and parents gave me it turned out to rage and pain and aggressiveness within myself, revenge that’s the word I live by. So what Im trynna say if you’re too dumb to understand it that to be a werewolf or whatever, its a complete state of mind and the way people treat you, if you’re a spoiled lil boy you’re no beast and you could never ever hunt you’d probably say ew and to let you know werewolfism is all about anger aggressiveness ,pain and hard shit. To be a werewolf you must ask yourself are you really have some anger problems? Do people like your personality? Do you have rage against people? Can you fit with dogs? Do you even lift bro? If not then stop wasting your time because I don’t think its possible to a pinky meaty lil 12 year old boy to be a whole monster eating and feeding on people or animals. Remember, first its a state of mind then its physical. Peace motherfucker.

    1. Shut yo bitch ass up im only 13 and i know im a werewolf cuz.i transformed nigga iim never at home so there you go a real werewolf is.wat i am. Thats all i got to say and u can only transform if ur really really angry

      1. Take your child ass on somewhere smh.. and learn how to spell, go watch your twilight movies. Thank you, have a nice day! :)

      2. You’re a little young to be barking bad words, eh, mate? And no, I don’t think you’re 13. You sound like a 1st grader. And also you should learn how to spell right.

      3. oh wow demonsha your so ridiculous you dont even know how to be a werewolf so stop playing you stupid litle damn game

  25. What is anoying me is that OUR race is being constantly hunted, but people still want to join us. You see once you have our ‘gift’ you will not know how to control it, its best to leave it to the pure bloods :P

    1. That’s pretty prejudice coming from the Alpha female whom is supposed to support anyone that wants to become part of the pack. And that’s saying something coming from a werebear. Glad I’m not a wolf and part of your pack. I would hate to be under your thumb!

    2. can you really become a werewolf? the things ive gone through like abuse and my moms many divorces have really changed me into a person that has so much trouble feeling anything…i would like nothing more than to escape human life so please help me become one

  26. Hello im new well not really im a shaman i have the gift of the divine i can see the future but only for a few seconds im trying to hone my skills in magi for wheni cast spells it isnt easy it takes three days for it too work i need help trying to see my visons more clearly i have witches blood in me amd my mother shes a shaman from the hamilton family and i have witches blood from my great grandmother who is chucktaw indian and cherokee indian i can see the dead and even talk to them ihave visions of the nephillim and how allah will only take the sons of levi and damn the sons of elijah

  27. Lol I stumbled on this website doing research for an assignment.. You people are cracking me up lol.. You’re either between the ages of 8-12 or you don’t get out of the house much.. Lmao.. No judgement tho.. werewolves are cool, sure.

  28. Guys I was wondering how I can become a werewolf, and if it is possible since I am a vampire/witch. See I am a direct descendant from Dracula himself. I practice a little bit of witch craft and have already created a spell to make anyone immortal. I dont need the spell since vampires are immortal and I am a vampire. Please help me figure out how I can become a were wolf or if i can be one. message me at my email johnjaxon2000@yahoo.com

    1. I believe in werewolves and vampires and stuff, but you’re not a descendent of Dracula. Dracula wasn’t a real vampire. Dracula was a fictional character based around vlad the impaler. Not to mention, a real vampire can’t reproduce. They can infect people, but they can’t have a baby.

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