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gridMThrough out time there has been an assortment of stories on how a person becomes a werewolf. Sometimes it’s a curse caused by a single bite, sometimes punishment brought on by a God’s wrath, or by what today’s post is about, a spell.

So back in the day, like, way back during the Middle Ages people were big on trying to harness the powers of nature. Belief in the supernatural was common between everyone and whether caused by God, demons, or natural forces – magic and alchemy were widely explored. This part you have probably already learned from Harry Potter, but back then spell books were known as “grimoires,” and they were usually devoted to black magic.

The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage by Abraham the Jew (that’s the title he went by, not something I just threw in “oh and he’s a Jew”) was written in 1458, then translated in 1898 by S.L. MacGregor-Mathers. In this book is a description on a long and complicated ritual. This ceremony is designed to evoke the Holy Guardian Angel, after that the magician will gain the power to control the hierarchy of demons. He is then able to use these demons for many reasons, like transforming from man to wolf. Wicked.

This transformation was achieved by writing the square on a piece of paper (like the one pictured on the left), showing it the man, and suddenly bringing it into contact with his body. The transformation will happen right away. However, the grimoire cautions us that what is shown is an illusion. To return the wolf to human form, the magician places the square on the wolf’s head and hits it with his wand (ouch).

Now other than a cool party trick, it’s hard to see how this is of any use. Unless somehow new strength and power is also mixed into the spell, causing the transformation to be more.

There you have it. A real spell from an ancient book. A spell that is said to be real but I’ll leave you to believe it or not.

– Moonlight

By moonlight

One of the writers for werewolves.com, as well as vampires.com.


  1. i wont to be a warewolve because i fell nothing in side eny more sinse my love left me so thats why so plese make me in to a warewolve plese i bage of you

    1. “witches” and the like actually do exist but not like what you think. We aren’t like harry potter and all the garbage… wow people are seriously uneducated. T_T

    2. i am indian…i live on a reserve. many people have gone missing since this herballist moved into the reserve. my brother has been acting strangly in more than enough ways to assure hes a “lycan” but its differnt hes in some kind of clan with the herballist.. he wants me to join.. any thoughts or advice would be nice

    3. i wont to be a ware wolf more than anything life as a human is dull and the human race has done nothing but destroy the earth that gad gave us

    1. Dude, it didn’t do squat. i did it three times, even copied the letters exactly the way they looked, and nada. and i know i have magic skills. if you can raise a demon, you can do pretty much any other spell.

      1. um samuel … just because you can summon a demon doesnt mean you have magic abilities… summoning is just invokation … anyone can invoke a demon and an angel or any other supernatual being giving the right reasons. now if you make pacts with the demon to give you abilities thats a different story and you will have “demonic” powers … so remember just because you can summon a demon doesnt mean you have magic or magicka abilities.

  2. i want to become one right now cause ever since i wanted to be one i felt much stronger and much faster then i was before so thats y im casting a spell tonight at 12 o clock

    1. Ive made the pack wit the devil, ive done the spell. but still nuthing. i want to become a best something special from once. what else can i do to make me one

      1. ok so iknow all about the inner speart i am 16 and im haveing these weird dreams about running throw the woods then comeing up to the hill then i will look up and see the full moon thets is when i wake up so could u please help me to try and become my inner beast becoues ik there is one inside of me but i cant get him out on my own so if u know and spells of tricks pleacse pass them on

  3. becoming a werewolf doesn’t mean actually transforming into a wolf it’s more of a metaphor as to releasing that which is inside us all, a beast. In every human no matter what you believe there is an animal there waiting to be freed and if you truly believe in it then you can transcend past your humanity into a state of higher being that once reached will free you from the evils of this world. All you have to do is focus and i assure you that you can become the animal you crave to be. If you need more help contact me and i will do my best to help you unleash your inner beast free of charge. My pack would be honored to have new members.

    1. Anyone who doesn’t believe that becoming a true form/having abilities of your inner self is real shouldn’t say anything to those who do believe.it is just a sign to those that don’t believe HAVE NO SOULS!

  4. OK all of u People out there thet have been trying all these spells Stop becoues it dosent take spells to tranform it takes your soul to belive in your self think of the beast u want to be ill tell u a weird story of mine ones i was in my bedroom and i was just sitting there thinking of Wolfs and i was thinking i was runing among them as a pack runing throw the woods it was a very aswome dream but then i felt veary hot and i was starting to shack and all i reamber is blacking out and then wakeing up with my dog scard off me and there was long black hair every were i dident know what to do so i just keep it to my self tell know i tell u all my story thet happen to me i will never forget thet night

  5. Huh, I find this very interesting. Yeah, witches aren’t like Harry Potter, Vampires are not like Edward Cullens and werewolves…You can be turned into a werewolf. There’s something called Totem, which is your animal spirit. My animal spirit, my totem, call it whatever, is a Wolf. I don’t turn into a wolf phyiscally, but spiritually. It’s like awakening the animal within, the beast within. So again, you can’t be turned… I think you either have it or don’t.

  6. hello im rae im a werewolf i live in a house in va with a family of werewlfs and i know how much u wanna be one but it ant that easy i was born one we eat animals not human cause u dont wanna be exposed to the human world cause they will hunt us down i live in a far place no human has bin and i wanna keep it that way but i can help if u want and i will

    1. …No offence if you and your family are somehow werewolves but for 1.Werewolves have no control over their wolf form once fully turned and for 2.I seriously doubt that even if you were somehow a werewolf and could somehow (including the rest of your werewolf family) could somehow control your wolf form (which could technically instead of werewolfism rather than lycanthropism) that for 3. the human part of you would have most likely died by now,because everywhere except at the bottom of the deepest ocean or at the top of the tallest mountain or even in the North or South poles and we are even closing in on those too,the crucial mistake in your post was that you said that “it was a place no human has ever been” whereas unless you are on a different planet by this point in time and I was able to deduce this easily and I’m just not even 12 years old yet…

    2. Hello Rae I’m timber wolf and I was wandering if u were a wolf or if u were 1 of those in between wolf and human werewolves

  7. I would love to know what you look like and how you think you can help someone to become a werewolf so to speak. Thank you.

  8. That would be awesome being a wolf and all- witches do exist but are more like druids of nature. Before I would try any of these spells, talk to a local druid to see if it is okay to do this or not.

  9. i usto have vivid dreams of wolves, and even a mix of them between humans, i usto run from the lycans, but found myself in a tree under the moon in the forest, when i looked down the wolves surrounded me in a pac of five, then i heard blood curdling screams and they turned into howls and no longer was i on the top of a tree i was under it in the form of a beastly lycan, and with one jump was at the top of the the mighty oak biteing my own throat. someone help me out this is a dream that reoccurs in my own mind when i sleep, what dose it all mean im at aloss for explainations, really….

  10. a few months i was out hunting wolves when i couldnt shoot one it was a very tall maasculant wolf when it let out a howl and charged out at me it shattered my car windows and got bloody and ran extremly fast back to the woods

    1. HAHAHA! That’s straight out of a movie. Car windows don’t break so easy like they do in movies, a wolf would not shatter it.

      1. This is true ! I can burn the skin of vampires because i have been encountered by the vampires, i think , i’am the only one who can burn the skin of Vampires .. You should beware when you turned into werewolf .. Because the vampires are too strong ..

  11. I am the one who said that I can burn vampire’s skin . But there’s one vampire that can’t affect to my POWER..

  12. Bago lumipas ang isang daang taon, tatakpan ng anino ang buwan at sa gabing yon, isang bata na may dugong bampira ang ipapanganak na may takdang pagkakakilanlan, sya ang magiging pinaka-makapangyarihan sa lahat. pero kaakibat ng kanyang pagkakapanganak isa ring makapangyarihang lobo ang iluluwal, na naitakdang maging mortal nyang kaaway, na dala dala ang proteksyon ng pagmamahal ng isang ina. Sa huli, ang kagat ng wagas ng pag-ibig ang magbabago ng lahat. Sa muling pagtatago ng buwan, isang dugo nalang ang magwawagi.


  13. I believe every word u say bout werewolves because I have studied them along with vampires. But do have to agree that werewolves can’t shatter a windshield they could make a crack but not break it. Trust me on this.

  14. Do u guys know there is one other way u can turn into a werewolf. It’s blood infection if u inject or place werewolf blood to a wound u will turn into one.

  15. so i hav a question…
    do you hav to say or do something i really don’t understand it much…
    someone plz reply BTW im a girl

  16. hey i dont knw whetherb itz true or not bt i jst wanna become a werewolve and the reason iz nothin lyk love hatred bt the reason iz i want to>>>jst i want to >>>and i want to

  17. i have been cursed by some one and i have to get help now i cant control it every full moon i lose control please help

  18. if my friend can shatter a car window with a punch i think a wolf can shatter a car window with its skull if its charging at your car… that is if its tall enough to reach the windows…

  19. i am fet up with my life if i become a werewolf it woued be good i tied all of the other siets they did not work i keep haveing dreams of being a wolf last neiht the dream was that i had a girl for a nes i ask her if she was a wolf and she telled me that she was not a wolf then 3 neiht leter a wolf come up to me and it was her she come out of the wolf form i ask her whet happen she said i am sorry i said that i well get you out from the wolf form some how i knowe a spall then i become the wolf then a wolf come up to me aging it was a man he siad come with him then whan in wolf form and when’t with him he took me to a houes and ther where alot people that were wolfs i became one of them to prtaet the people from blood dinker three days leter a when’t to see my nes she said why did you do that for me i said i won’t you to be sef. i don’t know why i am geting thes dreams. so can you give me a spall to become a wolf thinks

  20. u have to read the spell in all of the directons of the paper. it will be painfull but it works i know i am a WERWOLF.

  21. Werewolves R AWESOME!!! but I don’t think it wuold be such a goog idea. I got other plans than that.

    1. Really… -_- Of anything else in the real AND fictional worlds you would think a werewolf is cute and cuddly?

  22. Ok so I need help, I love werewolfs so much I feel connected to them, but I don’t know how to become one, I need one that will work I know that I’m meant to be something else, in this case a wolf. PLEASE HELP I need it please out of the kind of your heart help me. Sometimes I even cry at night.


    1. If anyone needs another spell try this :

      Say under full moon looking at it nothing in ur way

      By the light of the moon and our peircing howls we are further transformed into cunning beasts from the circle of life to the evolution of man I shall be reawakened as one with the land.

      Say 10 times no mistakes!!!!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. ive been looking on every website and still cant find the right spell to change me into a werewolf. i try really hard. :( but,if any one knows of a spell that is ACUALY REAL then reply to me because im trying to become a werewolf soon like others they give up and never become one (not saying anyone on here). :) bye

  24. I honestly don’t believe this bullshit. Its sickening how you show such trickery. I honestly believe this is a wannabe website with such disgust and lonely people who actually believe there gonna turn into a werewolf or what ever. The only reason why im on this website is because im doing a youtube video on “people who make dumb websites” and so far this is just fucking pathetic. I feel sorry for those who actually attempted this.

    1. The only way you would have found this page is if you were searching for a way to become a werewolf. You are one of those people who want to be one. And we aren’t tricking anyone. Not once in this post do we claim that this spell works, in fact, we leave it up to the readers. This spell was taken from a book, just like the post says. I think the real reason you are upset is because you didn’t find some simple magical way to become a werewolf. Here’s the truth – there is NO way to become a werewolf, because they aren’t real.

  25. I do not believe in “magic/magika” but I am extremely intrigued by wolves/werewolves and believe I may be able to make it scientififcally possible but this is only theoretical though I do enjoy werewolf movies,stories,and even wish there was an actual game where the player could be eigther a legitimate werewolf or a lycanthrope (yes,there is a difference) and I hope this becomes true,but there are no forms of any kind of evidence (sadly) that werewolves and lycanthropes alike are any more than a supersticious story eigther made up by midieval drunks hallucinating,midieval crazy people,or midieval bullies trying to scare their victims (the last one being the most unlikely) P.S. I`m 11 and just leaving the 6th grade at 4:00 in the morning on an e-reader with nothing to do P.S.S. The difference between a werewolf and a lycanthrope is that a werewolf changes only at each full moon and has no control over his/her wolf form while on the other hand,a lycanthrope can change from human to wolf to human again whenever he/she wants to and while in wolf form he/she has 100% control over themselves

    1. that is all very correct as well as that my whole family are lycanthropes but it’s hard to control anger that happens all the time.in conclusion i’m on 6th grade as well going into 7th next year….

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