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gridMThrough out time there has been an assortment of stories on how a person becomes a werewolf. Sometimes it’s a curse caused by a single bite, sometimes punishment brought on by a God’s wrath, or by what today’s post is about, a spell.

So back in the day, like, way back during the Middle Ages people were big on trying to harness the powers of nature. Belief in the supernatural was common between everyone and whether caused by God, demons, or natural forces – magic and alchemy were widely explored. This part you have probably already learned from Harry Potter, but back then spell books were known as “grimoires,” and they were usually devoted to black magic.

The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage by Abraham the Jew (that’s the title he went by, not something I just threw in “oh and he’s a Jew”) was written in 1458, then translated in 1898 by S.L. MacGregor-Mathers. In this book is a description on a long and complicated ritual. This ceremony is designed to evoke the Holy Guardian Angel, after that the magician will gain the power to control the hierarchy of demons. He is then able to use these demons for many reasons, like transforming from man to wolf. Wicked.

This transformation was achieved by writing the square on a piece of paper (like the one pictured on the left), showing it the man, and suddenly bringing it into contact with his body. The transformation will happen right away. However, the grimoire cautions us that what is shown is an illusion. To return the wolf to human form, the magician places the square on the wolf’s head and hits it with his wand (ouch).

Now other than a cool party trick, it’s hard to see how this is of any use. Unless somehow new strength and power is also mixed into the spell, causing the transformation to be more.

There you have it. A real spell from an ancient book. A spell that is said to be real but I’ll leave you to believe it or not.

– Moonlight

By moonlight

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  1. Guys i was wondering if i can become a werewolf since i am a direct descendant from dracula and merlin themselves. i have created a couple spells myself but my most powerful one was on that can turn anyone immortal. please help me out and message me at johnjaxon2000@yahoo.com

  2. Come on know I don’t think you can just say some stupid words so you can be a “vampire” or a “werewolf” or even a “witch” I haven’t seen one person who turned there self into one message me if you think I am wrong …… kik name is ….. la_lopez5251

  3. I know im being a whore but i want to be a crystal gem sooooooooooooooo bad. If someone could post a spell/tatic you would be my life hero. Plz?

    1. Hay yo mind if I join your pack I’m brave smart and loyal and very strong contact me A.S.A.P. an I live in Petoskey Michigan come bite me please. Then I’ll give you my location

  4. My head hurts…
    Reading this comments, I know now exactly how to tell if you’re a werewolf: consistently bad spelling, bad grammar, incoherent trail of thoughts. It seems to fit on nearly every single self-proclaimed werewolf. And the wannabes too.
    So if you want to be a werewolf, try to get yourself into a mindset that let’s you do the above things without feeling stupid. Judging by the comments here, this seems to be the most important part.
    Good luck.

  5. People these days want to be something they’re not and if they exist let them come knocking on my door and prove it. If not grow up people it’s 2017 Twilight happened almost a decade ago. I live in West Tulsa Oklahoma so if they exist feel free to stop by haha.

  6. i want to know if i can put the werewolf spell on me if you able to help me with that code to be a lycan

  7. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS MY DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TELL ME THE SPELL!!!! please!!! People bully me at my school for me trying to tell them “im not a furry ” anyways i want to accually become a werewolf so then i’m going to become what i really want to be (A Werewolf) (an ultima thought)

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